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Is anyone experiencing Spd?

Hi everyone, for the past three weeks I have been getting quite bad pelvic pains when standing up, getting in and out of the car, climbing stairs etc. The midwife told me she thought it sounds like SPD and I might need to get a bump support to lift my bump up outta my pelvis a bit. So I have just left it a little while so I feel the benefits when I do get larger ( twins). But today I stood up and got a sharp pain just above my pubic area that scared me a bit so I sat down and periodically it kept coming back so I was told off my midwife to call day assessment and they told me to come in so they could check me over. They checked bp, temp, babies heartbeats and all was ok, they think it's more symptoms of SPD and just to take it easy and let them know of things worsen. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms that have been diagnosed with SPD? How are you getting on with it? Xxx

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Yes, I had similar symptoms from early on and now 28 weeks. After telling my midwife at around 15 weeks she immediately referred me to physio, I attended a group session with other pregnant ladies with spd/pgp and it really helped. I have an open referral for the physio service until after the baby is born so can get one to one whenever I need but haven't needed to use it yet as have been managing the symptoms well .

Have you been referred to physio? If not get your midwife to make a referral now as you can immediately start following advice to help easy the symptoms and pain. Don't wait until later as it needs to be actively managed, the sooner the better! :)


In my area I was able to self-refer to the Physio. Although my appointment is on 7th May (and I called a week back - so three weeks wait time in all).

I am walking like a snail and any fast movement is hurting my pelvic area.

I also realized sleeping between a lot of Pillows on your either side keeps your back and pelvic muscles warm and I had a whole one pain-free day :D


Yes, I went to a group physio session, and gotta bump support which does help, I'm 31 weeks now and I have on purpose been increasing my activity level to try and build up my back muscle which in turn help support the pelvic area. I can now walk for 20 minutes then the pain hits ouch!

Sounds obvious, but when you get up from the sofa make sure you turn onto your side and roll, when getting out of the car lift your legs out together do not seperate them till your feet are equal on the pavement.

Use your bump support as much as you can, you may find like me that spd improves.

I was shown back exercises as well which help.

Get referred ASAP x


I had developed pgp from week 14, I'm now 28 weeks! When I told my midwife she referred me for physio staright away and I got an appointment for 2 weeks later! Don't go and buy a support band until you have seen the physio as that may not help you and could make the pain worse reason being, I thought it could help me but when I went to the hospital she applied pressure to either side of my hips and asked me to do a stretch and a lift with my legs and I couldn't through the pain and this was due to pressure being applied and this could be the case for you! So don't potentially waste money until you know what you need! The physio gave me a range of small but effective exercises to do which have really helped it all to do with posture and stretching small muscles which you don't realise you have! Lol! And get in and out of the car like a proper lady! Use a plastic bag on the seat to help you swing round! Good luck and take care! And if you have any problems getting referred then get demandidng as pgp/spd (same thing) will only get worse!! Xx


If you are really suffering and you have a long wait for physio, you can also see a local usually get an appointment in a couple of days. Good luck


I've had spd since I was around 15 weeks, am now 37, it's awful! I have been having physio but it hasn't really helped. I have crutches now and cannot wait for my baby to be here! There's the pelvic girdle website which has lots of tips, and try and keep ur legs together as much as poss, no standing on one leg. The exercise ball is good too, plenty of pillows for support help at night. I would seek a referal sooner than later as generally it doesn't go once u have it. Good luck xx


Yes, I started with symptoms at about 16 weeks. I contacted my midwife who booked me a physio appointment. I found the band they gave me helped loads but I'm now 26 weeks 4 days and the band is too small. I've had to stop wearing it and the pains in the front of my pelvis have got a lot worse. I'm back there next week to get a larger band.

I'd recommend seeing a physio as the exercises helped me as we'll as the belt. I also found aqua natal classes helpful and when the pain has been too bad for the full class, just walking in the pool helped.


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