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Scan date!

Excited! After what started as an annoyance, having to get bloods taken for the third time because they hadn't been labelled correctly, ended up with the midwife booking me in for my 12week scan. So hopefully next tue, I will be watching a little heartbeat on the screen, definitely well worth the extra blood being taken out! Also on the plus side, tiredness seems to be improving a little, although I can't really complain as I haven't been sick at all thankfully!

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ahh it will b worth it, I have been to the hospital 4 times this month for blood tests etc, its soo amazing, I had my 20 week scan today and its just so magical, hope ur scan goes well u will love it!!! x


i cant wait!! Also then will be able to think about taking the big step that is.....telling everyone! Hubby has been dying to tell people so he'll be over the moon. Ahh I can just image what all you can see on a 20 week scan, amazing!


my husband was amazed by the experience of watching our little baby for the first time. Actually he had a better view than me as I was sideways to the screen and he was seeing it directly. He said that he wishes he videoed it as the print out they gave us was quite blurred so if you can, get your husband to video it on his phone for clearer pictures/images. Also, the print out is on a very bad fax like paper so when you get home, scan it and save it or take a photocopy as these images on such paper will disappear over time (this was advice from my other friend who cannot see hardly anything after several months in the folder). Enjoy. Please dont forget to drink lots of water in good time before hand.


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