Fluxuating bump??

Hey guys, i know ive asked a similar question to this fairly recently but im 16 weeks 1 day pregnant this is my first pregnancy, from week 11 i have what i thought was a bump, i understand i may have just been bloated or fluid ect, my mother in law told me that with both her pregnancies she was bloated for the first few months then everything went down and she got a bump at about 20 weeks.

the thing is i never have a completely flat stomach and it does look like a little bump but sometimes im huge other times there is barely anthing there, on Friday my friend looked at me and said if thats how big you are now you are going to be huge but today i feel like i just have a bit of overhanging podge, although my normal work trousers were a little tight. I suffer badly with anxiety and worry about everything think im stressed out more due to a bad midwife appt on Wednesday can anyone shead any light on this for me?

x x x


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  • I'm the same some days I feel smaller than others some days I look 6 months pregnant. . Being constipated doesn't help! Eating large meals makes me look Bouvet and just generally as the day goes on... my stomach feels smaller today and I don't feel so bloated try not not worry too much also position of baby makes a difference xx

  • Thankyou, i keep asking friends who have had babies, some say its unlikely i'll be showing yet anyway, my cousin tried to reassure me that if ive been lying down everything has spread out and then when i stand up gravity hits, its all very confusing i asked my mum if she experienced it with either pregnancies and she said " Em its nearly 25 years ago since i had a baby, you expect me to remember i cant remember what i had for my lunch" she does make me laugh

    x x x

  • Well I've been showing since I was about 11 weeks! But Def fluctuates... lol I feel like that and my last one was just over 5 years ago! X


  • so its pretty similar i dont even look pregnant in my work uniform but yesterday i had a t shirt on with a baggy strapless top over the top (not as bad as it sounds honestly) and i looked massive, how far alone are you atm Babymother?

    x x x

  • 15 weeks +4 days: this post makes me feel a bit better, as I've been fluctuating in size and its hard because I was never flat before so don't know if its baby or me! lol...midwife said I was growing well and soemtimes I feel I look pregnant but then others I just look like I did before?? I tend to look bigger in the evening, which is when I'm most uncomfortable so don't know if that's just bloating. My husband keeps telling me its definately baby and that I do look pregnant but its hard to tell when you see your body everyday, lol. Am definately at that awkward stage clothes wise though, not quite big enough for maternity but normal clothes are starting to feel uncomfortable or make me look fat! Can't wait until I have a 'proper' bump and can start to feel the baby!

  • you hubby sounds alot like my fella, we only see each other most weekends atm as he is in the army, he said my "podge" is definately a bump i keep telling him im convinced it shrinking but he disagrees, i have to take pics and send it to him as when i say it he says he worries then he comes back with no you definately look pregnant having another one of them days today where i feel like theres nothing there.

    as silly as this sounds i have never suffered from being bloated so not sure what being bloated feels like :/

    x x x

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