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Im confused can any women help


Hi i was wondering if any woman can help me im really confused im 5 days late on period i did a pt on friday and it was negative i have done another test today and there is a very faint but viasble line in the test region as well as the c region

Im really confused as had a few tummy cramps aswell as it i would on my peroid but nothings happend me and my fiancee want a baby but i really dnt know weather to belive the results has any one else been in this situation wat was the out come

Thanks x

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Hi, you are probably very early into your pregnancy. that happened to me. gradually your hormone levels will increase (HCG) and i am sure you will have a clearer line soon.

good luck. xxx

Anniendave in reply to Hidden

Thankyou i feel bit better knowing im nt the only one who has had this as i felt so stupid jus nt knowing

I know im late but even then the test still didnt convince me :-/

I will probs test again in the morning.

I havent had other symptoms yet only a few belly cramps and headaches

Thankyou for you answer has made me feel alot better :) xx

i did a test the day my period was due and got a faint line on a cheap test but any line is a line, i would get a clear blue digitial you will get the answer one way or another

fingers crossed for you,

x x x

Well i got 1 asda one left the 2for£3.50 so going

To see wat that says in morning and if there still a line going to go get a clear blue digital one thankyou its a great help being able to talk to people as i havent told my fiancee yet as i wana see wat it says tomoz as dnt want to get him all happy and it end up being nothing

Like u sed a lines a line so fingers crossed :)

Thankyou :) x

Clear blue digital are the best tests to use.

Good luck x :-)

Anniendave in reply to myfile

Yh im goin to use my last asda one tomoz then do a clear blue thanks :) x

I used the super drug digital test which worked just as well. Don't worry, the day I did my test I had the aches that I get before my period pains come on. I even said to my husband that my period is going to come on. How wrong I was! Hopefully you get a clearer result next time. xx

I did a test 3 days prior to coming on, negative. Waited until 6 days past and got a really faint line, waited another 3 days and bam clear as day. The longer you wait the better as you probably very early on I found out at 4.5 weeks had a early scan that confirmed yes I was just coming to 6 weeks pregnant. I'm now 31 weeks , good luck and do a re test xx


:) u have all been very helpful x

Good luck let us no what the outcome is x

Early days the line will be lighter. Be patient. Test again in 2 weeks time!

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