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Sudden lowness !

27 weeks and 2 days. have had a bad past week sleep-wise and I think most of the ranting in because of it !!

Yesterday was the first time I slept by myself in the guest room. husband hated it and I can see that 'why are you doing it baby!' look on his face - but he cant do anything the head strong and mean woman that I am at times.

I am feeling annoyed by everything happening or not happening and apparently for no good damn reason.

Went shopping hoping it would cheer me up (as it always do to a shopaholic like me) - but no it made me feel even more worse - all the nice dresses I tried would not go below my bump and it is looking massive !! (Well I know I should have expected that at my 27th week - it is supposed to look massive). BTW I did buy all the dresses that did not roll below my bump hoping I would be able to wear them post-pregnancy.

My back hurts and I am walking like a snail. And above all I am getting totally irritated by anyone asking questions (even if its as simple as whats for dinner - well you would know whats for dinner once its served, isnt it!!)

Yesterday I also went on telling my husband that its all because of him that I am going through all this (which I later felt bad about - but the realization that it was not a good thing to say has not really changed my attitude).

Have not talked to mum in 4 days now, she is calling and I am not picking - just dont want to !!

When mom-in-law asked about how is my health I went all cheeky for no reason and said how does she expect a pregnant woman with apparently no major sickness to be feeling like.

I am playing the music which normally soothes me, also meditating ! but its not really helping !! and I think I am so going to end up spoiling our so looked for vacation starting this coming Thursday.

I am at the height of being mean ! and bursting out in tears ! and I am kind of oscillating between gladness and sadness about the whole idea of being a mum !!

My best friend called and greeted me with 'Hey momma how you doing' and I said get lost bitch! and banged the phone on her face.

why am I getting so aggressive ? and sad !

Also, scolded my brother publicly on facebook for not such a good reason !!

I am getting really really annoyed and I cant figure out why !!

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The wonderful world of pregnancy hormones !!! Been there trust me. My first pregnancy I had several rows with the lady who lived below the second idiot drivers I'd follow and give them a piece of my mind ( wouldn't dream of it now) lol . This time several arguemnets over parking, ( now took to double parking because idiots have no clue how to park here in Mid East . I think I'm slowly calming down however I did the same as you we planned for a baby got pregnant and blamed my hubby. He knew deep down its my hormones and that I didn't mean what he said. But you do get more sensitive its our instinct to protect the child in which we carry. Totally normal and will wear off fingers crossed, if it persists however please speak to your midwife who can let you speak to someone who will help you u dear stand the feelings more clearly, as I don't want to scare you but you don't want these feelings to continue to the birth and then get post natel depression . Xxx


Hey hon. Thanks for the nice words, I have a mid-wife appointment tomorrow, and it seems that in present state i am just going to burst crying !!

And I dont want her to get worried for my health reasons and flag me down as not fit for flying etc as we have a holiday planed at the end of this week and I am so looking forward to it !!

But yup I also want both the mom and and mom-in-law to come right away if it would help me get my head straightened up !!


Hormones! Can't predict how they'll effect us. The good thing is you recognise your behaviour. I hope those around you are understanding. Is everything ok with your friend? It can be hard on the receiving end even when sympathetic to the context of someone's mood. Definitely speak to your midwife about this change in mood. Have you got any angry music? Sometimes I indulge my bad moods. Bjorks track Pluto embodies my anger and I flail my arms about to it, that and aphex twin. Maybe you have an equivalent piece of music.

I too can't speak with my mummy at the moment. Her voice has become high pitched and irritating and her response to anything I say cause anxiety, so I just text her. I don't really have anything to say to her, she just wants me to tell her I'm in labour and be contacted with updates. I have nothing to report and frankly have nothing to talk about. I just want food and drink.

Also I sleep apart from my man, he snores so loud, I can't sleep and I have bad thoughts about how I could stop him and his snorlax ways... best I sleep somewhere else...


This is my angry track, I make sure I frown like crazy and flail (in a room where no-one can see me of course) Hoping today is good for you Ritz21. x


OH! I am getting irritated by snores too and getting all those bad thoughts about stopping him !

Yeah my friend would be fine (she has seen me through those bad moods before, we used to panic a lot during college exam times too and no one was allowed to even knock of walk past our hostel room - and this time she knows I am pregnant - probably she would talk me out of my bad mood, but I am not allowing her by not speaking to her). I do feel I am blessed by such good people around me, but I am feeling so shitty helpless (almost like the way I felt when I realized I am pregnant and sent her a message saying my life is over)

Other than that I am also engaging in decorating baby room, its helping to take my mind away and think good of when the baby would be here, but the moment I stop doing it i feel like I dont want this life, I dont want to be married or be a mommy. I am so shit scared !!

I want to be walking at the great wall of China or staying at a Buddhist monastery and just be with myself.

I would try listening to the angry music for a change and see if that helps (surprisingly despite of all the bad mood, I am chanting Buddhist prayers unconsciously - I am not a practicing Buddhist, but I learnt them long ago out of curiosity and found them helpful when in fear - they are not helping as much this time it seems)


Ahh bless, oh yes I recognise your moods, you have joined the club, some weeks I'm fine but others omg! I really go for my husband if he moans or acts selfish, usually I just let it go!

I ave been sleeping on my own since about 20 weeks, just can't get comfy with him near me!

Don't stress over stressing it will make you worse!


Yes! I am finding mine to be so annoying and selfish, although its probably me being one !!

and worse I got the worse hair-cut ever from a girl who had the best reviews in my area. It looks like a mouse ran through my head chip-chopping my curls and now they are so unruly (on top of that, she cut a lot of hair from the back of my head and now my pony -tail looks so flat, all those lovely curls have changed into a bush)!!


I felt like you for the first ten weeks of pregnancy. Thankfully it past or I wld have lost a lot f friends. Hormones have a lot to answer for. I'm 29 weeks now and what is annoying me is how everyone thinks that just because ur pregnant and have a bump that they feel its ok to comment on ur size. 'Oh look Aernt u getting u big!' How wld they feel if I turned to them and said 'oh look how fat u are'.


I hear you re the "aren't you getting big" comments. My mum thinks I should stay fat, as it suits me (in her opinion)! I think I look like a whale personally and I will not be staying that way. No-one likes their size being mentioned. Ugh...

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. :) x


Thank God, no one has said that too me yet. I had a lot of friends coming over yesterday (just to help me out of my bad mood) and they were quite sweet - atleast no one mentioned pregnancy or my bump !!

But yup I have to say buying a size 16 instead of 12 is not doing me any good (although I really needed a bigger out-wear to cover my bump)


Ah shame its hormones playing a trick on you dear, bt try to stay calm. And walk away for fresh air just indulge in a piece of chocolate sometimes its boost the mood,try not to focus to much on the situation that u in right now just fantasize on u and and newborn that u gonna bring on all the wonderful times that u gonna have with her/him and what a great mom u gonna be coz all this will pass


Hi hon. I would try chocolates. Although I am so much in doubt if I am at all going to be even close to be a good mum, or love the baby girl (despite of the fact that I was so excited and crying of happiness to know its a girl).

I also got this weired idea in my mind that I might not be able to go through the whole process of labour and may die in child birth so I was making a list of dos and donts for my husband if I am not there (just in case).

Gosh! i am never gonna have my own born ever again !! I would just want to adopt kids if i can afford to give them better life and little more love!


Silly! All that crazyness will pass believe me you gonna be an awsome mom she wouldn't trade you even for zillions! Just take it easy don't think too much of everything, coz soon evrything will fall into place believe me my sister went to what you're going through and she's an amazing mom, its just hormones baby girl! Just take it easy


Sic.! I hope !


Same here!but not as bad........sometimes I don't pick up my phone,don't reply to texts just wanna b on my own!watsup is annoying me at the it's nothing other than preg hormones.x


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