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My baby is the size of a sesame seed

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Today I am 5 weeks pregnant, I've only known for 1 week that I am pregnant & I am totally & utterly over the moon! I have been longing & praying for this for a loooong time! Now I just can't wait to start showing so I look & feel pregnant! Though I'm sure that will all happen soon enough.

I read today that my baby is still considered to be an embryo for another few weeks, & is still just a little cluster of cells about the size of a sesame seed. Why am I so bloated then?! I can barely do up the zip on my uniform trousers for work!

This is all so exciting. I love you so much already little baby XXX

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Welcome to the world of pregnancy sweetie!! :)

I have been bloated since the day i found out at 4 weeks, the day of my missed period! Since then, i've been bloated and look 6 months pregnant... I'm only 11 weeks! :)

Enjoy every moment, but make sure you rest, as you're gonna need it xx

Congratulations, on finding out your pregnant keep us all updated great way to keep track of pregnancy is blogging regular, xx

A.. :) Congratulations!!! xxx

Congratulation:) I was very bloated at the beginning of pregnancy, I think it was due to the amazing changes taking place :) xxx

How lovely! Congratulations ??enjoy every second as it really does fly by!

Even now when I look at my baby girl, I truly can't believe how lucky I am to have grown her inside me!

They really are little miracles! X

Thank you everyone! I still can't believe how lucky I am do have this little miracle growing inside me! :-)

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