Would love.................. a poo!!!

Would love.................. a poo!!!

Do i look pregnant in this?! believe it or not, I'm only eleven weeks, ELEVEN!!!

I've taking lactulose, eating copious amounts fruit, veg and drinking more water than a fish! I've cut out bread, potatoes, pasta.... everything i like basically, yet nada, nuffink, zilch!

I've got a 12 cm cyst, a grapefruit sized uterus, and blocked bowels, so i'm not surprised i'm so bloated, but it's seriously baffling me on what to do next to keep it down. I've got two more weeks to keep schtum, yet it's becoming increasingly more difficult to hide. Had to pop to Primark today to buy some baggy tops, little bit sooner than i had hoped huh...

I've seen quite a few posts on this, so i am not expecting a miracle, however if someone has a trick up their sleeve and can hear my crys, please do tell.... :)

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  • Know how u feel!!!. . But with ur cyst u should get it checked out. . I've been taking syrup of figs which u can take in pregnancy, I seemed get worse around 11 weeks. . I'm off dr again tmw... friend swears by a cup of hot water yuck. .makes me feel sick but worth a try I forgetting to get some lemons to squeeze into it I can drink that! X

  • Yep, i've been eating prunes like there is no tomorrow.... Hot water and lemon, you name it, i've tried it! Never did i think i'd be so desperate for a poo...

    The good news is, i'm not actually in pain or that uncomfortable... I just feel like a heffa, which isn't right so early on!

    Honestly, the hospital are useless... My GP has referred me to a new hosp and gyny, but i don't hold up much luck for them helping me! No one seems to care that my cyst is bigger than my uterus! Go figure...

  • Oh duppy, I can relate! I can feel my poop there but i'm lucky if much comes out. Grim! I've been eating tonnes of fruit and veg, plenty of water. I saw someone recommended linseed but man oh man, nothing is getting me to do what I really need to. I had a period earlier on in the pregnancy when I had constipation but it passed and then from about 8.5 months till now I'm so congested and it's not great... I can't wait for my body to behave itself again and I can enjoy a good read on the loo instead of sitting there feeling like weird!

  • Hey nice pic of your tum, even though you feel bloated, it's a cute little tum tum!

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