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Pooping during labour


Hi everyone a topic that goes hush!

So discussing the birth of my previous two with my hubby and the topic came up pooping during my labour and after 4.5 years he's only just told me that yes I did poop a little in my second labour and that's because I was pushing the right way. Apparently I didn't poop in the first because I had a episiotomy. Made things slightly easier yet sorer down there.

So I could have felt embarrassed but I actually don't its a natural function during labour and because we are so focused on getting baby out safely we don't even notice.

The doctors and nurses have seen it all before.

They tell you to bear down like going the toilet.

So I'd like to thank my hubby because for a long time he hadn't said anything because he wasn't embarrassed and said I shouldn't have been either you delivered our beautiful baby girl and that was the only thing I was concentrating on that day and that I did amazing and I shouldn't worry about the third imminent arrival in 9 weeks time if you do poop it's because your pushing your baby out the right way.

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It's one of those things women tend not to mention but is revealed if asked about. I think it makes sense that some poop will come out. I'm quite ready for that, I know I'm unlikely to see the staff again and I doubt very much I'd produce anything they haven't seen many times before. All my focus will be on delivering a, hopefully, healthy baby. Just so long as she comes out safe. Thanks for this reassuring post! x

Possibly unlikely to see the staff but also what may come out other than your baby, even the placenta I'm still to see come out, I'm sure we have our baby bumps as shields :-) you will do fine Hun at. Delivering your baby saftley have you seen the midwife for a sweep yet? X

Bump shields! I like the sound of that! :)

Having a sweep tomorrow morning... hoping something will progress after that. So keen to meet Squiggly... she has been wriggly today which is always a joy! :)

I think I am not even thinking about it. And its but obvious that I would not be thinking about it at the time of labor either. Plus its quite natural to me if poop comes while birthing. thanks for bringing this !

Also, when we would be old and frail and hospitalized doctors and nurses and everyone would probably know that we poop in our adult diapers because our bowls might not be as strong anyhow ! :)

Allyemo1985 in reply to ritz21

Lol rather not think about being old and frail lol but defiantly right there Hun we are just so focused on. Delivering baby we don't even notice. :-)


I did with my 3rd not that I realised, only did when I realised they hadn't wiped my bum properly bloody cheek lol ;)


And when baby's head passes ur bum it feels like ur going to do a poo even if u don't. . So nothing u can do about it..so just gotta go for it and not worry x

Allyemo1985 in reply to Hidden

Yeap nothing we can do baby has to come out that way and it makes me laugh now because I remember saying I need to push because I could feel the pressure and that's when it probably happened. :-) lol

Most people 'evacuate' during labour... I've only seen I SVD where there was no poo!!

Allyemo1985 in reply to DrFluffy

Lol love it evacuate :-)

I think it is brilliant that this has been posted and it does make me chuckle. During my labour with my first I was using a birthing pool and I remember suddenly asking to get out the pool because I thought I needed a poo. I sent my poor husband out the room because I really didn't want him to see me going for a poo. With hindsight it was just the baby moving down as when I tried sitting on the loo nothing happened. My husband and I laugh about it now as he wouldn't have cared if he had seen me go to the loo or not!! But he did say he felt like a lemon standing outside the room!!

Our next baby is due in less than 9 weeks time and on the day I won't be worrying about it as all my focus will be on delivering our next baby. At the end of the day this is the most important thing, and remember we all have our labour story to share afterwards :-)

Ah thank you, such a weird subject to discuss yet it happens with almost every birth. I'm due on 26th June with 3rd baby, I'm in no way worried your honestly too focused to even think about anything other than baby being born. I wish you the best of luck in your last weeks not long now eek :-/ x

oooh my due date is 29th June! Good luck to you too! We are definitely on the homestretch now. Take care x Poop away!! ha ha!

Never even thought about that, this is my first and I wanted to do a birthing pool, but never thought about the chance of a little floater....I know its natural, but what do they do? I'd be mortified if my husband saw that!

Don't worry! I was told that they scoop it out discreetly but to be honest I doubt you would notice. You will be preoccupied with the baby coming... Every contraction is one closer to seeing your baby! I am sure I probably did in the pool but didn't notice. Hope that helps x

My midwife told me it doesn't happen as often as everyone thinks!

Most women do the business in early labour so by the time baby is ready (depending on how long labour is, i assume) the bowel i empty.

I didn't poop in labour, however my little baby moo decided to go while i was still pushing! Truly disgusting ladies! Was covered in it along with everything else we were both covered in :D x

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