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Placenta Previa

So I'm now 29 weeks and had a scan on Thursday as I'm high risk for numerous reasons.

My placenta hasn't moved at all and is completely covering the entrance to my cervix. Not such a biggy as I'm a planned section anyway. Baby is also breech.

So now they are concerned that my placenta may have attached itself to my scar tissue from previous section and surgery post miscarriage. I have to go back for another scan in 2 weeks for them to have a good look at the placenta.

I've been told to make sure I have bags packed so since leaving the hospital we now have bags packed and all clothes washed and ready!!

I'm staying calm as my consultant was soooo good and so reassuring but basically have to take it each week at a time.

Sorry for rabbiting on just needed to get it out!

Sarah x

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Wow lot to take on board...great u have a good consultant, so u may get to meet little one earlier than expected....great they have picked it up and are prepared...hope all goes well keep us updated xx


I'm pleased you have a good consultant and they seem to be on the ball! Good luck, I hope you don't ave to have the baby too soon, but we are soooo lucky with the great premature baby care:) I hope all goes well


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