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10weeks pregnant and miscarried one baby?

10weeks pregnant and miscarried one baby?

Hi all, I am or I was 11 weeks pregnant, registered by the GP and Midwife, and last Monday I had a light blood spot and I said is ok, many women had that, I had that with previous pregnancies. Tuesday lunchtime, it started bleeding light blood and got a bit cramps,like period pain discomfort, but the pain got severe in the night at 3am and I didn't know what was going on. I took some painkillers-ibuprofen and something like an hour after that i was relieved. First thing Wednesday morning I called the Midwifes which suggested to take as much rest i could, take some pain relief tablets and if the pain worsen than go to A&E. Was not an easy night, full of concern and pain all over under my belly but i managed the pain with ibuprofen again. Thursday morning after having a shower the pain went to its maximum and i couldn't move anymore, I called the ambulance and i was taken to A&E. At the hospital, i got lots of pain, they took blood samples, blood tests but nothing else was done for the pain... . After about 2 and a half hour the Nurse wanted from me some urine and when I stood up a gush of blood clots spread down allover, it looked like a miscarriage. 30minutes after that the pain had gone and the doctor told me that i could go home because the specialist cannot see me any sooner that day and I had had a scanning appointment for the Friday morning, and if there is no pain is no reason for concern, so the Dr said and the bleeding was very light as well.

I went for the scan Friday morning and there I was told it could not be seen any pregnancy in my womb, it was a total miscarriage. They asked me if i wanted an internal scan, and when they did it internally surprisingly they found a pregnancy at a low level in the womb but again they said they cannot get a heart bit because was a very little pregnancy-actually 6weeks not 10 almost 11 as I knew I am. I got a new appointment scn for next Thursday and I prayed the baby to be ok. Friday evening about 7pm, the pain started again and bleeding again, not much but same with blood clots. After the release of blood clots the pain was vanishing every time. This morning round 8am the pain started for about 2 hours, another big blood clot gone, same at around lunch time.But the pain was manageable, wasn't as bad as on Thursday. Now all the pain has gone, the bleeding almost stopped and my belly feels empty. No hungry, no cravings, no morning sickness, nothing, just is my heart too cause i lost my baby/babies...I had had a hope that I lost one of the baby but I am not sure if there is any other living baby left. And is very long waiting time until next Thursday. It's just sad and so overwhelming, I cannot get any relief for my grief. I know if the babies were not healthy my body made the adjustments but even though it is not easy.

I am sorry to post such a sad story, but I know that many of you ladies will understand my worries. Thank you.

Wishing to all of you out there good health and easy delivery xx God bless x

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Hiya, I'm so sorry you have had to go through a miscarriage it's awful I know through personal experience.

I hope you have lots of support and people to talk to, let your self grieve and cry and just follow your mind and body, get lots of rest and when you feel ready start to build yourself up again. It took me many months.

Take care lovely xxxx


Thank you skyblueboston, xxx


Mara - I am sorry to hear of your loss in such a painful way. I have had 2 MCs in the last 4 months - but earlier - and it is painful emotionally and physically. You shouldn't have to wait until Thursday to have a scan - your doctor should refer you to your epu tomorrow to confirm.

I hope you get lots of support and have people to talk to. I was ambarassed to talk after mine so kept it inside - then I had a moment in work where I was not concentrating and my boss picked it up. I was honest and found she'd been there too! Talking helps and unfortunately it is not uncommon.

Take care x


Hi Mara

Sorry about your story. Its not easy going to a miscarriage. Its awful, I know as I had one. My first pregnancy ended at 12 weeks.

Its helpful to talk about, it, to ask for emotional help to frieds and people around you, speak to proffesionals, midwives and doctors. Dont worry, just talkto whoever you feel the need to. The body can recover a lot easier that the mind, and its heartbreaking too. 1 on 4 pregnancies ends like that, its a lot more common that what you would think.

Just see it as a step to motherhood, in order to be a mother ( and Im sure you will) sometimes some women are tested like this.

I had a daughter after the mc and Im expecting a second baby now.

keep strong and good luck!!


Thank you very much to everyone for your kindness and support, does mean much to me. I have been to the EPU last Friday and done the scan and they told me is still a little pregnancy inside, but they could not see the heartbeat, but during yesterday morning I got lots of pain and lots of placenta tissue came out again. Than, no pain and just very little bleeding until today morning when cramps and pain started again...I am just

I cannot understand how many babies I had, it seem so much of a placenta tissue and blood tissue from last Thursday until today, like I had at least 3-4 babies....

I will have to wait and see tomorrow what my GP has to say.

Good luck everyone out there, God bless xxx


It is ridiculous that they can not see you until Thursday for a scan, it makes me mad. Some people seem to get abit of discoloured discharge and they are almost seen the next day at epu.

Last Saturday I got admitted to A&E with heavy blood lose at 12wks and had an internal by the Gyane consultant and she advised us we had lost it and she could book me in for a scan on the Wednesday or I could stay in hospital and wait for the sonographer that day. The scan reveiled that the baby was thankfully still alive and just discharged me without looking into why the bleed.

I would get back in contact with your midwifes office tomorrow and demand a scan sooner from EPU as you have had more blood lose and clots and you have been in severe pain and you can not cope any longer with the stress of what is happening. They can ring and get you in. They may even admit you onto a ward and monitor you abit more closley.

Something is going on in their and it needs to be sorted, you poor thing, it is such a worrying time. Good luck.


Did They Not Say anything to u at the hospital? It may be the pregnancy stopped at 6 Weeks and u only just started getting the symptoms now.? . It's called a missed miscarriage. . Sounds like they could of been a bit more sympathetic and explained things more. . Bless you must be very confusing for u.. ring it midwife tmw and tell her u don't know what's going on and is very upsetting.. Very sorry for ur loss hope u get some better answers tmw xxx


I am now even more confuse, and I don't know what to believe anymore. I might have had twins that they were conceived at 2 weeks difference one from another, who knows, I didn't know I had twins either. Certain I should have been at least 8weeks pregnant from the day I conceived. I was badly surprised at the A&E when they told me to go home while I was barely able to walk, but when they said the Consultant -specialist cannot see me too soon that day or until the next morning , and I was booked for the scan the following day , I said ok, I will go home then-the pain was not there any longer so I said all have had passed, the miscarriage produced and let's go home !!! Friday at the scan the lady who did the scan didn't even payed much attention, she had the info that I might miscarried and she stick the scan on my skin at one point and she said she cannot see anything inside the uterus, and is nothing there and that's it. She didn't bother to move the scan a bit to the left or a bit to the right to search for the placenta's bits and bats...Than, she asked me if I want she would do me an internal scan, but that is only if I want to , not for the record sake that she has done her job properly completely, where surprisingly she said she can see a pregnancy very low in the womb...but she cannot get a heart bit. With the midwife at the EPU i talked and she seemed surprise to still have a baby after what happened the previous day and she haven't made any comments of what had happened to me or why...or whatever. I come back home happy that I still got a little soul that grows inside me, praying for its health and growth. But again, the pains started yesterday morning like mad but I managed with Ibuprofen and slices of the placenta came out in couple of hours, than bleeding almost has stopped and the pain was gone. Until this morning at same time like every day before the pain started and the cramps but nothing came out or I was not able to feel or seen anything in the toilet..... Now I am quiet, I rest and i feel ok,...what else i could say, I am waiting tomorrow to talk to the midwife or/and my GP.

All the best to you and thank you for the support xx


Thank you Megzey, I will try to contact my midwife tomorrow and see what they'll have to say. It is upsetting me more because I do not have any certitude that the second baby is still there or not, but one thing I know is that the babies were not alright and my body just tried its naturals ways to sort everything off. I know it is very hard situation to cope physically and psychologically but again if the babies were ill in that respect it's better that I miscarried now than at a latter date or even worse-a stillborn .

Good luck to you and thank you for your support xx


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