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Slightly gross question...

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Thursday I woke with an amount of wetness in my jammy trousers. I spoke to a midwife who said if there wasn't a consistent flow then it's most likely vaginal mucous. It is a clear fluid and watery. It didn't continue to leak so I've put it down to mucous.

I'm still getting little gushes of it and I'm feeling anxious. Why the sudden change in mucous type and why is it watery?

Also I can't tell if baby is moving enough. She moves a little, infrequently, is she just cramped for space? Is she sleeping? I've tried laying down and a cold drink and feel something but still worrying.

I don't want to call the midwife when they are already so very busy if all I'm doing is, yet again, worrying about nothing. I'm 40 +2 weeks and first time clueless mum!

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I was just trying to figure out what watery discharge is (first time and dont know what am I actually leaking - my mid-wife said it might be urine as its coin size and not consistent). Although I would insist on a pH test on 23rd April appointment.

But I just read that if you lie down for 30 minutes and suddenly get-up and feel a gush of discharge its most likely your water - try it and see if you can figure out something (myself lying down to make sure its not my waters, I am only 27 weeks and I have my a little-late honeymoon planned next week)

I lost about half a pint of that stuffand they rekoned id wet myself but wee doesn't have a consistency like that did no harm in getting it checked. .I would u never know! ! Could be the start of something :)and ur never wasting time if it's playing on ur mind always listen to ur inner self xx

If in doubt call your midwife, stress is the worse thing for your buba, thats what they are there for. I have always been told if I have any doubt to call or go to the early pregnancy unit no one will think your wasting their time.

Good luck xx

Your gearing up to loose the mucas plug dear xx

I hear all sorts of things re mucous plugs... that some don't notice passing it, don't pass it at all, that there's was watery. I don't know... just feeling a bit anxious I think. I"m seeing my community midwife on Monday, I'll just have to do my best to distract myself until I see her. Just can't ring the triage with my little questions when I know that deep down it's me being a bit clueless, neurotic and barely past my due date. Squiggly has moved a bit today so hopefully she's doing just fine and that's the most important thing. Thanks for all your support while I have a mini freak out... ;) xxx

Cervical ripening can lead to a thin fluid being produced... You're getting close :-D xx

Sounds like the same thing I had with my first baby. It kept happening and midwife said it didn't sound like my waters had broke but went and had it checked out. They said I had a lot of watery discharge and that it could be a sign of infection so they took a swab. I never got the results of that test because I went into labour 2 days later however found out after birth that I had Group B Strep. You should definitely get it checked out, even if if turns out to be nothing, better safe then sorry. X

The midwife I spoke to on the phone at the triage didn't think there was any cause for me to be brought in. No mention of any potential for infection. Unless a midwife tells me otherwise I can only assume their response for no further action is the correct one. I don't know... I'm seeing my midwife tomorrow morning for a sweep so I will enquire about whether I got some kind of infection or not. Hope not. x

I had that with my first at 31weeks so my midwife booked me into the hospital for an internal as she couldn't do it as I was under 36weeks. Can you not ask for an internal to rule out your waters trickling??

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Thanks Megzey, I haven't a clue what's going on or why I'm experiencing this fluid or what it actually is. I haven't had much but do feel a little wet inside. Seeing midwife in the morning and I'll see what she says. No other symptoms really to note. Squiggly very happy in my uterus clearly! :)

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