Bad news

ive been in hospital for a few days now and heartbreakingly ive lost my little munchkin. The hospitals been so supportive and so has everyone that knew my other half is gutted along with myself he wont leave the hospital cause he doesnt want me to feel alone. R.i.p my little darling mummy and daddy love you always<3

Hope everyones doing well and i wish you all well in your pregnancys and births.

Lots of love hannah & martin xx

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  • Oh Hannah & Martin,

    Thinking of you both at this very sad time. My deepest condolences. So very sorry to hear this. :(

  • Thankyou darling :( its heartbreaking my 2nd miscarriage absolutely gutted :(

  • Oh no Hun, I knew how much this baby meant to you both, I'm so sorry. I hope you both have lots of support. Take care xxxxx

  • it ment so much to me everything started to look up and now my lifes just crashing down on me:( we have loads on support take care darling xxxxx

  • hun I am soo sorry to hear about ur loss, I know how excited u were. It WILL happen one day!! I hope ur both able to tlk to somebody!! please take care xx

  • :( we were both extatic hes staying with me for a few days i get out of hospital on sunday or monday as ive lost alot of blood. Yeah we both do we will thankyou xxxx

  • So sorry to read your sad news. It sounds like Martin is a big support to you and I'm really glad that you have that. Take care of yourselves xx

  • The way i see it is things happen for a reason maybe its a way of my body telling me i wasnt ready:/ yeah he is hes amazing:) yeah will do xxxc

  • Oh Petal - I am so sorry. Heartbreaking, I know how much you wanted it. Thinking of you. Big hugs xxxx

  • Thankyou darling it is indeed:( yeah theres always more chances though<3 thanks again xxx

  • My heart goes out to you both, words can't really express can they.

    All I can say is my thoughts and all of my best wishes are with you


  • Thankyou petal, its been tough on both of us xxxx

  • I am so sorry to here your sad news my heart goes out to you both no words can describe what you are both going through. one day you will have a lovely precious bundle to hold take care x

  • Thankyou hunny its absolutely heartbreaking. I hope i do sometime soon i was looking forward to seeing my munchkin on the scan in a week and a half but ohwell :( ccc

  • Oh Iam so very sorry to hear that news, I can't even begin to imagine how you must both feel, it sounds like you have a very strong relationship and as others have said I am sure your time will come. Big hugs Cx

  • Thankyou sweety, its impossible to express how hearybreaking it it feels like my hearts been ripped from my chest :( yeah we do cant wait to just get home and snuggle up on the sofa:( yeah it will big cuddles xx

  • Oh no :( sorry to hear this :( having experienced 2 miscarriages myself I know how you are feeling :( rest, take care of yourself and don't give up hope..

    Wishing you all the best in the future xxx

  • Thankyou petal, sorry for your loses:( this is my 2nd misscarriage i misscarried at 14 and now at 17 im resting wrll martin wont let me do anything without his help i wont give up hope:) thankyou hunny hope your doing well xxxx

  • I'm so sorry to hear about your loss.My heart goes out to you hun.i cant even imagine how you feel.i wish you all the best for the future and dont give up xx

  • Thankyou sweety oh me and martin eill get through it and thankyou we wont xxx

  • My thoughts are with you Hun such sad news x

  • Thankyou sweety x

  • I am very sorry for you, I had miscarriage last Thursday too, it's heartbreaking, I am so sad...I really loved the small one...Take care of you hun, all the best for the future x

  • So sorry for your loss darling. All the best for the future x

  • Sorry to hear that, that is a shame, funny how they burrow so deep in to our hearts before they even arrive. Thoughts are with you and your partner. Hugs xxxx

  • Thankyou petal. Yeah its amazing tbh. Hugs xxx

  • Oh sweetie I'm ever so saddened by your news. I really hope you are ok, and as everyone says, stay positive as it will happen one day. Thinking of you both, and prayers for little one xxx

  • Yeah were both okay theyve had to keep me in for another few days as ive been very ill. Yeah it willl! Thankyou xxxx

  • Am so sorry for your loss. I am still getting over mine too!

    I do find that each day does get abit easier. Even though in the early days, that is so hard to believe, but you will both get there. Take care and all the best.

  • Hey Hannah, I am so so sorry to hear your sad news, I understand what you are going through as I have experienced it twice and the grief of loosing a baby in pregnancy is a very lonely one. You would have heard this before but time is a healer and don't feel bad/guilty, take as much time as you need to heal physically and then emotionally. Despite my current pregnancy I still have moments where I am over whelmed with grief over my loss in September, I think more so at the moment as my would be due date is approaching, I cried and cried yesterday when i got in from work, but its good to release and then you pick yourself up again.

    We are all here if you want to talk, maybe write a blog and exercise your feelings and thoughts without restriction that you have with friends and family, we all know your partner is grieving too and he is doing his best to support you I am sure.

    I wish you a speedy recovery out of hospital to get home to your comforts. Take Care XXX

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