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Cramps & dizziness during swimming

Earlier today I went swimming, but I had to get out after 20 minutes (I would normally do 40-45) as I was getting painful stomach cramps & had to keep stopping to catch my breath. Once I was out of the pool I felt really dizzy & had to sit on the floor because I nearly fainted.

After getting myself home and having a lie down & some food I feel much better, and I haven't had any bleeding, but should I be worried because of the cramping?

Funnily enough I have tried doing other exercise (e.g. walking, circuits classes) which I did regularly before I got pregnant and have felt fine, no difficulty at all. I am currently 15 weeks + 4.

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I would call your midwife, it's not normal to feel like that. There could be a few things that effect you, was the pool heated? Did you eat before you swam? Maybe you have to cut own the amount of time swimming?


I've had this, and I put it down to doing too much. Have you been busy at work, house work, or going over and above doing things? You need to remember your pregnant and that your baby is using a lot if your energy to grow. I think we all forget this.

I felt hungover and dizzy for days because I was just doing too much. Take it easy sweetie x


When I was about 8 weeks pregnant with my first I fainted. It was the weekend so we went to out of hours gp at hospital who checked me over (gave me a biscuit!) and basically said I need to listen to my body more and slow down! I've really listened to my body this time, felt dizzy a number of times but sit down or lay down, have something to eat or a sweet drink. You need to remember your baby takes all your reserves so you need to listen to your body and take it easy xx


When you're preggers you have an extra 'protect at all costs' drain in your blood supply (heart, brain, baby) - the first blood supply to be shut down to protect these is the splanchnic, or gut circulation (this is the reason you're not supposed to eat before swimming etc - thus circulation steps down and your body responds by vomiting!) - can cause cramps etc. Sounds like you overdid it a little - if you feel the same again, with getting checked out though! It would account for the dizziness too xx


Thanks everyone, no further symptoms since yesterday so it looks like you're right & I just need to take it a bit easier. Will discuss with my midwife next week just to be safe. Feeling much better for readingg your comments.


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