31+4 weeks, i feel so silly asking this question but i am such a worry bags and cant get hold of midwife until monday,

the last few days baby has been wriggling around like mad and sticking hands feet and bum out but sometimes on my right hand side when she moves i have heard like a little crack/pop sound (like when you pop bubble wrap) it dosent hurt but i was just wondering if anyone else has had this? I sound like a right weirdo but ive worried non stop about everything. My husband has banned me from googling things as i send myself into a panic.


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  • Agree about staying away from the google, blessing and curse that thing!

    I've heard little crackle, crunchy sounds and feelings and what I describe as some kind of friction sound from limbs inside when baby moves. I don't always hear it every time though and assume it is nothing to worry about, maybe baby is getting a little cramped? I'll be interested to hear what other people say. It hasn't worried me in anyway though because I thought maybe it was a space issue. You're not a weirdo... I've been worrying about all sorts too... goes with the territory, thank goodness for this forum where are worries can be voiced and support gained. x

  • thank you, i feel so much better knowing i'm not the only one,i thought i was going mad! Our little beans must be running out of room in there, cant wait for her to be here now. Its a godsend having this forum, good luck with the rest of your pregnancy xx

  • Hi, I'm 32 weeks and haven't heard any sounds like that, but given how much the NHS emphasises movement, I'm sure if that noises were a bad sign, we would know about it! As long as your baby is moving regularly, that's the main thing. I am worrier too! I actually just got back from a trip to the hospital because I was worried that I'd felt reduced fetal movement last night and this morning. They connected me to a machine for half an hour to monitor the baby's heart and his movements, and everything is fine. xx

  • hi, thank you i feel really reassured now,i worry when i feel lack of movement and i worry when i feel loads of movement!, I just want her here now i'm sure your the same,so glad you and baby are ok,its so reassuring hearing that little heartbeat these babies certainly like to worry us,lets hope the next 8 weeks pass quickly. take care xx

  • Hi

    I have just been to the midwife this morning (mind you im not as far on as you im 19 + 2 with twins but measuring 25 weeks ) but I had a popping noise and a weird feeling on Wednesday and asked her about it and she said it will be water. Sorry I can't suggest anything more, but I hope it helps even a little bit xxxxx

  • hi, thanks for replying i was dreading being the only one that had had this, so its really put my mind at ease, ive got midwife appointment in 2 weeks so will mention it as well. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well, so exciting having twins! take care xx

  • Not a problem at all that's what this forum is for :). Thanks and yeah I love the fact I'm having twins. Don't worry about ringing your midwife on Monday that's what they are there for! Hope everything goes well for you too take care xx

  • Coincidentally, I felt a popping sensation for the first time yesterday! Slightly disconcerting I agree, but since my baby kept moving throughout, and is still moving, I don't think it is cause for concern. It was intermittent for about 2 hours yesterday afternoon, but I haven't felt it since. I had felt a bit 'gassy' (nice) previously, so maybe it's to do with that ... xx

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