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Finally had enough!!!

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This is my second pregnancy and after 15 days of braxton hicks and two major false alarms I have had enough. I want baby out NOW! I have been 1cm dilated and baby's head is engaged for well over a week now. I was having contractions (quite painful) for 5 hours last night only to stop after a hot bath. So all my excitement thinking baby is finally coming has been seriously deflated by the ceasing of contractions. I am not getting a sweep until Tuesday next week, baby is measuring over the 100 percentile, so I am going to be like a burst couch after pushing this bruiser out! And to top it all off my husband managed to wangle nearly a month of paid leave as support to me as I haven't been well for the last month, will have to go back to work soon. So potentially I could be left home in labour with no-one to look after our four year old daughter. My family live 200 miles away and his live 1500 miles away. I'm freaking out this baby won't come when my husband is still at home and I have a traumatic birth, end up having a c-section and can't look after my daughter.

Baby please come!!!!

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Oh no! Naughty baby! If. Were you I would get back on the phone or go to the midwife and PRETEND you have had some blood, this way they will get off their arse and sweep you and put you on a drip to ensure your contractions keep going!

I know it's a white lie but frankly you sounds very stressed to me and you will need your hubby with you:)

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Have you had sex? That might just help get it going as it sounds like your nearly there....the prostagladins in the semen should get the contractions going..I feel for u come on baby!!!! Xx

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This is a good idea. Its definetely being proven in late pregnancies a Lil bit of intamacy can work.

I would admit though at the last stages of pregnancy its easier said than done due to just feeling like a whale LOL!

Hopefully she/he is coming very soon the head is in the right place & you"ve already had some contractions.



I cant believe that if you are 1cm dilated that they wont just take you in and pop your waters for you if it has been going on for some time. Have sex that ought to get things started. I am adamant that's what got my labour going 2days early with my 2nd.

Feel sorry for you, hopefully your husbands work will show a little compassion to your situation and let him have extra time off.

Rachey I feel your frustrations, I really do... almost sent me flying reading your post!

I too am in that same place. I'm due Friday, although my belly is tight than a drum and has been for weeks and I get period pain for extended amounts of time... nothing is happening. At least you are lucky that you have dilated and things are progressing. I'm just going utterly utterly bonkers and want my Squiggly out and in my arms.

I've been laying on the moves to my man for some bom chicka wow wow but he's not wanting to get busy... fresh pineapple is my other option that was suggested (old wives tale so I know it will do diddly squat other than taste nice!)

Fingers crossed something happens and baby comes out today! Good luck! x

Orh Hun I wishing that today is the day you get to meet the baby, defiantly a sweep would do the trick possibly a long walk too xx

I had my first NCT class last night and they recommended side-stepping up stairs and doing squats with your partner (holding each others' wrists) to bring on labour, as well as sex. They said pineapple might just work, but only if you eat, like, a whole fresh pineapple! Good luck! Exciting!!! x

Thanks ladies, thing is the only thing I haven't tried is castor oil and the side effects out way the alleged benefits. I have to date ate two large fresh pineapples, finished 1 large box of raspberry leaf tea and now on my next. Long walks every day for last two weeks with exception of a few days when I had norovirus (FYI really not pleasant) bounced on my birthing ball, asked dh to get frisky rather roughly every day, scrubbed my floors. Had hot curry that made me quite ill. Gone really really fast over speed bumps and gone in all the pot wholes I could find (although, dh was driving). I have asked dh to hold me over a high drop and shake the baby out of me when we were shopping today, my reasoning was that I thought that gravity would force bubs out (thankfully he declined). Lifting things I shouldn't be, with dh present. Doing pelvic floor and tummy excercises to mimic contractions with the view that it could start. geez...... phew i'm even exhausted thinking about it. Mmmmm I can't think of anything else.....

Kaleidoscope, I will send my dh to you, he can't get enough of the bow chica bow bow ;-). I!ve had enough of that too!!

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Hahaha! x

This is what my experience has resorted to me considering

When women have a pool birth they don't allow them to get in until 8cn displayed as hot water too early in labour slows down and can stop the contractions. Don't get in the bath the next time!

If you go to the hospital and really point out how stressed out this is getting you and that you are not leaving until they get things going because you are afraid of what you might do to yourself, they will not let you leave the hospital (basically plead near insanity)

Thanks, I'm going up on Tuesday for a sweep, so if baby hasn't arrived before then I have to talk to them about induction. Thing is my husbands work have already been compassionate and very helpful but there is only so long they will stretch it too. He was supposed to go away again last week but they agreed to keep him at home. I'm trying not to fixate to much on it as I think the constant thinking about is inhibiting labour commencing. Just going to enjoy my last few days before Tuesday, got a busy next few days. Think I'm going to take a bus to the next town. bus journeys here are very bumpy and the drivers are maniacs so at least I've managed to get out the house if anything.

I know there are other people in the same boat and would agree, the boredom drives you mental, I've been off work since January I'm going a bit mental, calmed down a bit since yesterday.!!..... Just fed up of the false alarms.... My daughter was born after 2 hours of established labour and I had a mild latent stage (just like what I have been experiencing for last two 1/2 weeks) that lasted about 8 hours.

Thing is this child is a blessing, I didn't think I was going to have another child and I thought I was loosing it at 8 weeks. My discomfort for a few days (or weeks) is nothing compared to what I have had to experience miscarrying a child (ive had a few) or loosing it later (happened to friends of mine), or never experiencing the joy of a beautiful new baby.

So moaning is all off from me just a few more days til i'm at the hospital

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