10 weeks, yet look 7 months!!

My stomach is rock solid and massive like i am 7 months pregnant! I'm usually a size 10, so not a big girl, yet my stomach has triple expanded!

I know I have a large cyst (11cm) plus a grapefruit sized uterus, but why am I so huge already?? It's like all air but rock solid!

Has anyone else been or going through this? It's seriously getting me down and it's hard to disguise! :(


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  • I'm 30 weeks pregnant now, but at the beginning of pregnancy I suffered with bloating very badly like you describe.

    I had o drink more water, exercise everyday(walking) and eat smaller meals but more frequently, after 12 weeks the bloating went down and the real baby bump appeared lol

  • It could be down to your cyst.i had a big belly when i had cysts on my ovarys.i couldnt even do my shoe laces as my belly was in the way.thats why they drained them b4 i got pregnant.but maybe you bloated?eat loads of fibre.i remember when i've changed my diet that helped little bit.but if you concerned talk to your midwife or doctor.does it cause you any pain?xx

  • I suffer from bad ibs so stomach has been really bloated I look massive but some days it looks smaller. .. considering u have a cyst and a grapefruit size womb u are going to look bigger. .and u may also be one of them women that show quickly. ..I find it really uncomfortable and feel heavily pregnant its ridiculous lol but it does affect ur bowels as well. ..hopefully it will settle down or baby will just grow into it and u won't get much bigger. . Are they keeping an eye on ur cyst? X

  • Hey, I am usually a size 10 and I was busting out of my jeans my week 8-9 I would say, I think the main reason being the uterus is low on pelvis. On day of 12 week scan I invested in my 1st pair of Mat Jeans :) soooo much more comfy. Uterus lifted out about 14 weeks and whole stomach took a different shape. Your body is prob looking bigger again because of cyst, does it change size do you think with your hormones? 2 more weeks Hun and hopefully you can let that cat out of the bag xx

  • My dads girlfriend had several large cysts. She announced her pregnancy just days before I was meant to give birth (I was 42 weeks) and she looked nearly as big as me! She was only 12 weeks, so it wasn't really an announcement aha, we all ended up thinking she was due to give birth. It all went down quite quickly though, I stayed with my dad around the time she had her 19 week scan and she didn't even look that pregnant then!

    Even I (no cysts) didn't know I was pregnant. I found out on a friday then the following monday I had a scan that dated me 31 + 5. I looked like a slightly bloated size 8/10. The sonographer was like, you won't be that far along and his face when he got the measurements! The day after I had ballooned. Its weird but your body does weird yet magical stuff whilst pregnant x

  • I fully sympathise with you. I'm a size 8 , almost 8 weeks (or 10 weeks if since LMP) and look like I've swallowed a bowling ball! My hormones are causing slow digestive transit. It's definitely not due to my diet as I'm shovelling the fibre in and drinking plenty of water. Even when I've eaten chickpea and lentil curry ontop of all the fruit, veg, oats and brown bread, I haven't got much poo to show for it! I've even tried eating Jalapeno chillies. The high progesterone levels during pregnancy screw with your digestion and your cyst is probably adding to your bloating woes. I reckon some long tops and loose dresses are the way forward.

    I'm having a scan tomorrow to see if I've miscarried, as I suffered a loss of symptoms. Not sure whether the unexplained slow digestive transit is a good sign or due to residual hormones. Either way, I'm with you on the bloated front!

  • Hey Chipper, i really hope your appointment goes ok tomorrow. It's funny how we moan and winge about being bloated when actually that's a small price to pay. Keep me posted xx

  • Thought I'd better let you know that it was actually good news and my digestive problems are a sign of things happening. Fingers crossed all be well at the 12 week scan. I hope you're feelinga bit more comfortable this week. xx

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