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Dog and cats!

I'm very angry to say the least! My dad popped round yesterday to put a picture up for me, and as always my adorable dog who is called Stamford and is a staffie greeted him with lots of excitement and licked his hands, apparently my dad now thinks my dog is out of control, are you serious! I don't think he would ave said anything if he was a Labrador!

Now it's got me worried about how Stamford will react to baby boy, obviously. Would never leave baby and dog alone, and already he's not allowed in my room where the baby's cot is!

I already have started playing baby crying sounds, he just sits and listens. I was getting a doll so he will get used to me holding and cuddling a baby.

Any advice or opinions?

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We got a trainer round for advice and to tidy a few things up as I was fed up of family saying "how is the dog going to be with baby?" He's not aggressive in any way just very excitable and I didn't want to start shutting him out when we have guests when baby arrives as I don't want him to associate this with baby. The trainer definitely helped and did advise having a doll so he gets used to you holding something at a height, she also said to put powder or or baby bath on the doll so the dog gets used to the smell too!

Also ignore people's opinions, you know your dog better than anyone.


I agree with bethanwey, you know your dog best. Dont know if you watch Cesar The Dog Whisper but he did a program on just this situation. Sure you can find it on Youtube, its very good. When I had my daughter our dog was older, but we never pushed him out of the room as I felt this would make him more jealous. Just keep your rules in place so they know where they stand in the 'Pack', it is very true.

Please remember though that any loving dog is still a dog. Never put your child or dog in a situation they dont need to be in, and remember to love and cuddle your dog as you always have. Good luck and Im sure it will all turn out fine.


Thanks ladies, will take your advice and also have a look at you tube :) xxx


I have a staffie and a boxer. I think take the breed out of the equation and just think dog. As you have said disallowing Stamford from babies room is a great stance to have. The same applies in my house. They are not to go in Squiggly's room, neither are the cats (cats just like to be somewhere warm and can unintentionally suffocate a baby by sleeping on them trying to be next to something warm and cosy). Never ever, as you know already know, leave a baby or child in a room unattended with any dog of any breed. The media love to vilify staffies, boxers, pit bulls and in the wrong hands they have the potential to be viscous, but the same applies to all dogs. I have been bitten by a dog as a teenager and the breed? Labrador! Those cute little daft faced dogs. Even the most sweet natured family dog can turn without warning and the reason unknown. My staffie, nick named ma-tuzzy and the boxer nick named, toose are a pair of doofuses but toose is a grumpy so and so with anyone he doesn't know.

I have no fear about introducing a baby to them both. I have one rule... if they react badly or become incredibly distressed then I'll re-home them, very very reluctantly, but I'll take no chances. I spoke to my local vet about how to introduce baby to them and she advised not to make a big deal about the baby being there (ie by being over cautious) they'll want a sniff no doubt. Animals always feel their noses are out of joint when a new member joins the pack but once settled become protective over the new member.

Staffies are quite scrabbily little scamps aren't they, training Stamford to keep paws on the floor might be a good idea. My ma-tuzzy isn't like to keep hers on the floor. I ignore her when she does a behaviour I don't like and if she's calm I'll stroke her, little scrabbily ball of energy she is!

If you're really worried speak to your vet for advice or contact a dog trainer to find out if they have any tips for you! xxx


Thanx Hun xx


I find staffies to be one of the most loving and nurturing breed of dogs going. You always get some idiots who want one to look impressive and tough because staffies have those lovely big smiles which people are afraid of because they show teeth. I've been brought up around staffies all my life, including as a small child, I don't remember a time without one in the house, and I've never been bitten or made to feel threatened by one. I used to play nurse with Tara and bandage her up, what I put that dog through!

I think the paws on the ground thing is important, as you'd think Lucy, my sisters staffie, has springs where her paws should be! Before I was even pregnant I used to walk in and ignore her and if she tried to jump up, I would push her off and say 'no!' with one palm in a 'stop' action and she soon got the picture that if she wanted me to stroke her then she had to sit and wait. It worked really well for me and now that I am pregnant, I don't worry about her jumping up at my belly, (I'm only little, and she's quite leggy so she could easily thump my belly by accident). The best part is I'm the only one she'll do that for, everyone else is too soft on her!

Don't let anyone tell you about your dogs, you know them best, and how they react to new things. I'm sure your dad was only trying to be constructive with his criticism, (and this could be my pregnancy hormones getting me worked up about people giving staffies a bad name!) but unless Stamford has previously been aggressive I don't see what there is to worry about. You obviously have given thought already to ground rules for instance not being allowed near baby's cot, so don't let other people's fears bother you. Enjoy your dogs and the rest of your pregnancy, take care x

P.s. sorry for the rambling on!


Thank you and nope you didn't ramble lol


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