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Periods are every 28-35 days but missed one in jan so been to drs with unregulated cycle. had blood test for day 21 ovulation 2 weeks ago which said I had low proestrogen level but test should b done 7 days before period which I can't predict so this could b ok.

I have bee feeling sick last few days with headaches and period like cramps and have swollen feet. Feel like I have all symptoms but had neg test on Friday....:/

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Buy a clear-blue pregnancy test kit but dont use it until this Friday. This should give your HGC Hormone level to be a Lil higher which can predict your pregnancy level.

I had a simular reaction & i would wake up every morning with swollen hands.

im now 12+wks gone.


Thanks. I was 35 days from start of lmp last Friday so I will try again in a few days. Good luck with your pregnancy :) x

I bought a cheap test that said negative on 15th Feb. Found out that I am now 12wks 4days so defo get a better quality test if you can. The blood test is the most accurate though as that is how I found out I was pregnant by having bloods taken a week apart. If you are your hcg levels should be higher then 35. Mine were 2000 when I had the first set of bloods and they had gone up to 20,000 a week later.

Cheers, my test was a superdrug own so will try a clearblue...worried that this is just another 'late period' :-(

Got a clear blue digital before with negative result.. :( dont know where im going wrong

Finally having a hcg blood test tomorrow....fingers crossed

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