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Leg pain - shooting pains in left leg, Sciatia?

Hi all,

I've had a shooting pain in my bum and left leg for about 3 weeks now. I mentioned it to the MW at my 28 week appointment and she didn't seem worried and said that I could take a paracetemol but not use any of the muscle rubs/deep heat etc.

Anyone had similar pains - could it be sciatia? i'm guessing there is nothing that can be done but its really quite irritating pain. Keeping me up and night and although OK when i am still is painful when changing position from standing to sitting etc.

Many thanks for any responses

Elmo x

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Yep sounds like it to me...I was in agony on sun could barely walk I find doing alot of bending and hoovering makes it worse. . If u are really suffering then u should go and see an osteopath or chiropractor... It really helped me when I was pregnant with my 2nd...I feel ur pain xxx


Thank you babymother for your response. Trying to clean house etc has been impossible because as you say bending etc just making it worse. I might ask whether i can be referred to a physio - did you get massage treatment or exercises to do? Will it go away at some point or am I stuck with this for the next 11 weeks until he arrives or possible longer!


Physio didn't help me I only saw a chiropractor once it was thru the hospital but it helped for a while its private now and will set u back about £35a time but am osteopath will Massage ur muscles that are tight.. Yes does go away but u have to be careful think mine started after my back went with my first. . Didn't have it with boys. . But suffer from it thru getting old lol! Warm baths and rest is all I can say helps me. X



I'm 21 weeks now and i've had shooting pains in my right leg for at least 6 weeks and theyve started in my right leg now. I think it's when the baby/growth of belly puts pressure on your nerves. It's not great, particularly when you're tired and trying to sleep but i'm happier the further away from my belly the pains are! Try swimming maybe as it does help to support your muscles x


Hey, it does sound like Siatica which I believe us simply a trapped nerve which radiates pain like you say over buttock and usually down one leg. Physio can help but then I used to get it I would just try and stretch it out, I also used to bang on my bum, not sure if this helps but made me feel better! I sence that I am likely to suffer again as I get heavier so any tips appreciated as career choice had left with with a weak back and I saw one girl ok my job hobble out on crutches taking early mat leave with this xx


Find a chiropractor that uses the McTimmoney method, they are excellent.


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