Totally Random... Is it safe to use a wii fit board when pregnant?

I never thought anything of it but I have always enjoyed playing on the wii fit. My sister who is also pregnant told me I shouldn't be using it due to the currents that run through your body when weight checking and balance testing e.c.t Not sure how true this is and shes just been told from other people in conversation but I can't see anything about it on any other parenting website or anything like that so not sure if its safe to us it or not.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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  • I'm not an expert but really can't see there being a problem in using it because of current etc. Might be advised not to do it depending on what exercises you are doing - i.e. stomach crunches etc - or risk of tripping over it - also the weight measurement stuff probably can't take account of your pregnancy so ignore anything it tells you re BMI etc!!

  • It's fine, no waves of anything go through your body, it's simply at set of electronic type scales,with sensors on that detect motion. Go head just be careful not to pull a muscle

  • I guess it depends what youre doing. Just a note, I have fallen off one many times when I get excited...usually trying to beat my nephew! Although, once I'm sure it was the glass of wine I'd had. :)

  • Best advice would be check the user manual :)

  • Ok thanks, I do know they is certain scales out there which are not to be used in pregnancy though just encase your not aware. The electronic ones which measure not only your weight but also the amount of water and muscle your body is carrying as there do sent pulses through your body and there not safe, I was told this in me first pregnancy so think that could be where people get the idea that the wii fit board might not be safe.

    Think I will e-mail Nintendo and find out from the manufactures direct.

  • I use ours all the time for some gentle yoga!

    I also completely anhilated my 6ft 2inch boyfriend at Wii Boxing the weekend before I put two and two together and realised I was up the duff!!! Maybe all those pregnancy hormones produced some kind of killer surge! He didn't know what hit him!!! :-p

  • Haha class, bet he loved that, my partner is a bit of a sore loser like so cant imagine that. Don't think I could beat him at anything at the moment my center of gravity is so off I cant even do a ski jump when I used to be class at it lol.

    Yeah I looked it up on the internet and contacted Nintendo they said it was completely fine as long I I don't over do it and not to do the balance tests and would recommend not to do balance games as my balance is chance to be all over (Which it is). xx

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