something in my right side?

Hello, since being 5 weeks pregnant i have had a pain on my right side like where a stitch would be not constantly there but there enough to notice it and i worried so much at one point that it might be eptopic and went to see my out of hours GP who assured me id be doubled over in pain if it was eptopic and it could be implantation on that side.

i have had 3 scans all ok and am currently 15 weeks and 1 day pregnant

i have just been to do the banking at work and walking back to my car in the same place as the pain has always been i felt something but i certainly wouldnt call it pain. wasnt uncomfortable certainly didnt hurt was just strange i dont want to get myself too excited that its movement this early but i have felt it once more since being back in my office, just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar and may know what it was

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  • Yes, im roughly between 13 & 14wks (Scan on thursday) & at times i definetely feel strange movement sensations on one side.

    Im not sure if this could be my imagination as its not a very frequent thing its just feels as if someone has brushed your stomach with a small brush

    Congratulations by the way


  • My sister in law felt my nephew move at 14 weeks and my friend told me the other day she was convinced she felt "bubbles" at 10 weeks and she is now 32 weeks, im really not sure what it is but have definately felt it again since

    x x x

  • How strange!i was gonna write about having "stich" today.i'm nearly 22weeks now so i dont really worry about it too much as got other issues going on.but this morning when i was walking to school with my son ,i had to stop many times as i couldnt move without feeling this pain on the right side.i just think it could be from walking as last 2 weeks i was little bit lazy and didnt walk much.of course if you worry ,tell your dr or midwife.but if your scans were ok i'm sure thats nothing to worry about xx good luck xx

  • When I was about 15weeks with my second I felt abit of movement which I can only describe as a little bubbling/fluttering sensation but i would mainly feel it when I was sitting at me computer.

    I dont know what the stitch feeling might be, maybe drink more fluids I dont know. I am not much help I am afraid.

  • I was thirteen weeks and felt bubbles now at 30 weeks head on kicks lol

  • I didn't start feeling anything till 18/19 weeks and it didn't hurt just felt like some one was blowing bubbles in there, can also be mistaken for wind.

  • Hey, I am getting lots of movements from my little one. I am 18w6 now and for the the past 3-4 days have felt major movement, it's like being tickles from the inside sometimes and then you feel almost like a major movement like he/she has flipped it waving arms n legs about, I feel it all the time. Sometimes I also feel the more subtle bubbles sensation, this is harder to detect especially when busy with life. I have never felt any pains with this and most of the sensations for me are very low and in front.

    I read that about 18 weeks they can pick up noises from the outside and this was my cue to play music to bump and I got some responses. Xx

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