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Is it routine to have a blood test to confirm the pregnancy after a positive home test?


My GP surgery seems not bothered. Im quite surprised, I was expecting to have one done. The told me to go private.

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CONGRATULATIONS!! how many weeks?

I have never been offered one, i think the urine tests are so good these days the bloods are prob a waste of money.

Yes, no-one ever did this with me. They didn't even repeat the pregnancy test - they just took my word for it :) All the best x


yeh when I went to the gp (which I wish I hadn't) they took my word for it and gave me a due date and then I got in contact with my midwife, that was 14 weeks ago.. congrats :)

No - it's not routine xx

same here - never had any ! they just took my word for it and said Congratulations.

So Congratulations to you :) you must be asking your GP to book the mid-wife appointment now and start taking Folic acid

Congratulations.....They just go by your home pregnancy test result. If they were concerend about anything then I am sure they would take bloods to check your hormone levels etc. The GPs are pretty relaxed about patients in early pregnancy (IMO) they dont even dish out correct advice even if you start having complications. I was pretty annoyed with the care I got from my GP surgery in early pregnancy stages. Make sure you get looked after properly:-) take care

No they just take your word for it! I did 6 home tests because I just couldn't believe I was pregnant! This is so embarrassing but I put them all in a bag, took them to my doctor and she burst out laughing. She said I only needed to do 1 test. She said the home tests are so sensitive these days and that you can never get a false positive. No blood or urine test was offered but then I don't suppose it's necessary of the home test comes up as positive.

Nope just take your word for it :)

thanks for all the replies!

I cant believe they just take your word, honestly :)

but hey! in my first pregnancy I realized how relaxed the antinatal care is in England, a cultural shock for me. I was expecting a scan and a doctor (a specialist gyne) appointment every 4 weeks! no way....

fingers crossed it will go on smoothly this time round. Only 34 weeks to go, cant wait.

Congrats to all of you too!!