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I watched that movie babies, which tracked the life of infants during their first years (babies were from America, Japan, Mangolia and Uganda)

and there I got this interesting article from a friend this morning so I thought I would share !

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Thanks for the link - I didn't catch the show but the article was very interesting. I split my time between UK and Fiji, and also used to live in Indonesia, and the approaches are miles apart from one another in those 3 countries. I can really see the difference in what is perceived and encouraged, for example in Fiji, strength of all types is encouraged - emotional, physical etc, but also a real sense of community. I was surprised when I got back to the UK, pregnant, and went to look in early learning centre, the proportion of electronic toys and learning devices was crazy. But I look at kids out there who have none of that stuff, and there is no way they are under stimulated. The real world is their toy,all the people in the village, helping their parents go out fishing, trees, leaves, sticks, sand, stones etc - much more imagination is used there. I think I like that way!

ritz21 in reply to rhibot

Oh! you can catchthe movie 'Babies' if you have a lovefilm (I saw it there and its so amazing). I totally agree, the ways of stimulating children so different everywhere.

Also can imagine thee difference between ways my partner (who is a Dutch) and I (an Indian) would adopt. Was laughing my wits off on reading that Dutch parents think asking too many questions indicate depending nature of the child, because its entirely opposite in India where, asking questions is rather encouraged :P

Pssst - I think at the end of it I would be the encyclopedia of the house

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