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Room Decore

There is just so much you can do in a well-furnished rented apartment.

So I am wondering what are the easy essentials I must have.

here is a list of what is already there in the house.

A guest bed-room (which mostly serves as my study and would be changed into baby room). I have not painted the walls but, made nice story-line out of wall-stickers and its looking pretty decent.

The room also have a huge Diwan bed (almost like a double bed) and honestly there is no space for a crib.

I can put the crib in our master-bed-room, but that room is facing a busy street and is really really noisy on Saturdays (when all the Uni. Students are outside singing and dancing)

So I need an honest opinion - Is it important to have a Crib (well I always loved mine, still have it at my mom's house and it still have stuff-toys in it). So I am really in two minds.

About the Moses basket (found them to be cute) - have never seen real small babies for more than a day or two and have no idea if they can fit in those baskets and for how long ?

And would it be safe to sleep the baby on the Diwan after she out-grows the moses basket, or I must go for a crib ??

thanks for all the advise ladies !!

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Hi Ritz,

We also rent a furnished house so have to play musical beds when it comes to fitting baby things in around them! Unfortunately I think you will need to try and squeeze a cot in somewhere. Admittedly my son was a bit of a bruiser but he outgrew his Moses basket at 8 weeks, I don't know how long babies usually stay in Moses baskets but I can't imagine it's much longer than that.

I wouldn't be comfortable putting a very small baby in to a big bed at that age, I suppose if you fitted it with bed guards baby would be less likely to fall out but I'd still be inclined to speak to a health visitor about what measures need to be taken to prevent cot death and ensure safe sleep as I'm sure they're different than with a cot - although perhaps I'm worrying too much! We've just moved my son in to a big-boy bed aged 2 to give you an idea of how long they're in cots for, but all children are different.

There is an argument that if a baby is always in a noisy environment they will get used to the noise and not be disturbed by it - my baby sister lives with a dog who barks a lot but its never woken her so perhaps your little bundle would get used to not having silence at bed time!

Good luck, I hope you manage to squeeze everything in! X


Going on my sisters recent experience, her little boy now three months old has just outgrown his Moses basket, she bought a large one! so will now be moving to his cot that then turns into a bed at two years old.

It's not advised to let a baby sleep in a bed designed for adult use, due to the mattress and previous use by other people.

New mattress and cot only :)

Are you able to move the bed out and store it, or even ask the landlord to take it away.


Hey ladies thanks for the advise you two.

I woke up in two minds again today - to get the crib or not get the crib. I liked the idea which SBB mentioned - the crib which can be made into a child bed later on would look for it.

I also moved the beds around a bit and made a little extra space - so hopefully a crib would fit in there (atleast hoping)

Would share a pic of the nice wall-stickers - they are looking really lovely :)

(and I strongly recommend it for all those who are not going to paint their walls - I bought them from a Chinese seller on ebay, they arrived in 15 days costed only 10 bucks for three patterns - would be calling two more to stick some more. I also called two patterns from a UK supplier, that one was not as good a quality as the chinese supplier, which amazed me !! the best part about these stickers are that they can be easily removed and re-used couple of times atleast and they leave no trace on the wall - which I really loved, already shifted them couple of times to get the pattern right :D )


I wouldn't get rid of the bed just yet - I sleep in the spare bed in my baby's room during the week so my husband won't be disturbed by me getting up to feed her, and then at the weekend we swap, and he brings her in to me in the master bedroom if she wakes up, and I have to admit she usually stays there with me until the morning then, even though guidelines say one shouldn't sleep with a baby. It means she feeds better because she can stop and start without any fuss and I can just carry on dozing. This sleeping arrangement works really well for all three of us now we've got used to it.

I tend to agree you'll probably need a cot, for the said reasons, and also you might injure your back lowering her into an adult bed a trillion times. I hope you can find one small enough for the space. Maybe a travel cot. I don't know why they make cots so big. By the time mine's big enough to fill her cot I'll have long since moved her into the spare bed so we can snuggle together for a bedtime story and then I can go to join my husband. That's my plan anyway!

By the way I also agree about the noise. If your baby's anything like mine it won't be a problem. Any ongoing noise, mine sleeps better if anything. If it's quiet and then there's a sudden unexpeted noise it startles her, but she's back to sleep again in a split second. Your baby will probably just get upset if you get anoyed at the noise. Babys just reflect our own feelings really.

I'm glad you're focusing on this, as it really is key to survival! I wish you all the best, and don't worry too much. You can't really know what to expect, and what works for others dosn't always work best for you. I was terrified I was going to go insane from lack of sleep, or get too tired and drop her, but everything fell into place in a few weeks.


thanks for the suggestions deary.

although I did made some extra space in both the rooms today, i am still no where close to fit in a cot/bed (lest we chose to not open the wardrobes :P ). And there is no way I can get rid of the spare bed (my mom would be here for first three months of the baby and she is just so excited that she would get to sleep in baby room, grandparents are like that i guess)

I would probably be taking either a big moses basket or a small cot for the time being and would see how it goes (maybe the kid's arrival would persuade my husband to change house ;) never know how fathers might behave! )


To give you some idea, my son refused to sleep anywhere but in a bed. From been 8wks had to improvise a bed guard for a double bed! My newborn is also proving difficult by not sleeping anywhere but my chest! Speak with your midwife about sleeping in the bed. Regarding the noise problem it shouldn't effect baby.

Hope this helps good luck


awww thats a cute baby. I can totally imagine him being a momma's little boy for now :)

I would probably than go buy a cheap crib and see what our little one likes !


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