pregnant at 45

i am 45 this year and i have a 25 year old daughter. After all this time i have fallen pregnant for the third time in a year and a half. Unfortunately losing the last two. Just recently in jan and the year before. Hoping this one is okay. Seeing midwife for first time tomorrow. Anyone else had the same experience or are you all young things haha

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  • I'm not the same age but I am an older mum to be at 38 having my first. My fiance, aged 49 has two daughters, 20 & 24 with 5 grandchildren and another on the way. You're not alone being a mum again post 40. :)

    Hoping all goes well with this pregnancy for you! Congratulations! :) x

  • thanks for your reply. your busy bee aint ya hahah xx

  • Ooo no, my fiance had his other two daughters with his first wife, they split a long time ago. As they are grown up his daughters haven't anything to do with me at all! I think they are very brave to have the wonderful children they have, I couldn't have done it at their age. They're excellent mothers. But me... definitely wouldn't have been ready any sooner than I am now! :) x

  • Congratulations:) I'm 33 expecting my first, I have had one m/c before this. I hope everything goes well for you x

  • 37 today and 25/40 - there's a fair swaith of post 40 year old mums I see in ANC!

    Congratulations! Xx

  • Happy Birthday. X :)

  • Thanks :-)

  • thankyou and thanks for the reply

  • Congratulations :-) wishing you the very best in your pregnancy x

  • thank you hope it runs smoothly

  • I had my first child at 40 years, had a missed miscarriage at 41, and I am currently 38weeks with this pregnancy and will be 43 next month. Congratulations. Xxxx

  • congrats to u too. how was ure pregnancy at 40 and this one

  • Thats awesome, I am 40 with my first :) and very very happy, all the best with the final leg of the this pregnancy :) XX

  • My first pregnancy, at 40, was pretty much streight forward. Some nausea in first timester, and a few aches and pains if I forgot to move properly, eg, keeping knees close together when getting out of bed or in and out of the car. I worked 12 hour shifts through most of the pregnancy and was still on 10hour shifts when I went on leave at 35weeks.

    After the missed miscarriage in January 2012, (we found out at the 12week scan that the baby had died 10 days earlier, the weekend I actually was bedded with flu), I have admittedly been far more nervious with this pregnancy.

    I had a small bleed at 10weeks + 1day and had an early scan to see if I was miscarrying again, but thankfully the little one was summersaulting and had a good strong heartbeat. I have had a lot more aches and pains during this pregnancy and quite strong tightnings (Braxton Hicks) since around 28weeks, which is apparently normal with subsequent pregnancies, and this time I am far more tired as I am not sleeping well at night and can't take naps during the day as I did when carrying my son as I have him to look after and occupy. I am so looking forward now to having this little tot arrive safely and we get to hold him/her for the first time....

    I hope all goes well for you, Kara1, and that you also have a streight forward, enjoyable pregnancy as I did with my son. Good Luck lass. xxxx

  • Hey Kara1, I was away in Egypt celebrating my 40th birthday in Jan when my period failed to arrive! I am nearly 19 weeks now and all's well so far with the baby. I have had a few health issues, nothing I have not been able to deal with. I feel a very young 40 year old and luckily for me still passing for a lot younger :) XX

  • Hiya Cheekymonkey3791, congratulations on your pregnancy, I hope you continue to have a healthy and happy time. Being an older mum is so special. I feel so privilaged to have had this chance. Love and hugs to you all. Xxxx

  • hi thanks for replying. Just feel so crappy today. I reckon im only bout 6 weeks but have the symtons of being further on but cant possibly b as my mc was on the 8th of jan and had a period since then. But seeing the midwife today at 3.30 so wait and c what she says. I spoke to her briefly yesterday and she said since i am having all the symtons so strongly must mean all is going well. Yeah the girls seem to b really nice on here and wishing everyone well. The negative things about older mums ....yeah mum was 43 when she had my wee brother and i know of a few older mums and their babies and pregnancies where ok. Just think by the time im 60 my daughter will b 40 and this one will be 15 haha thats the scarey thing!!!! nevermind my paul is only in his early 30s so he is so excited this is his first well if it all goes well. my 3rd pregnancy with him. Quite weird never got pregnant in 25 years then all of a sudden!! Excited though and so is my daughter. I know Im not that far gone but I feel abs drained and tired and sick. My sick line of the doc runs out on fri but I honestly see myself getting more time off. I just have to hang the washing out and Im exhausted. I work in a care home in my village and its demanding stuff never off your feet and that it where I had my miscarriage in the middle of a shift. Might sound woosy but if i could stay on sick till my 13th week i would feel so much better. It is just the fear of thinking it could happen again. xx

  • Hi kara1

    Your not alone with worry and concern for the future. I'm 45 my wife is 44 and she's about 8 weeks preg! It's totally amazing and we're blown away after no thinking this could ever happen naturally. We've never had kids before and thought it would be too late..... Retirement for me looks like going on hold !!! I'm delighted for you and hope everything works out healthy etc - it would be good to keep each other posted on how it goes.... We are crossing everything and don want to tell anyone till at least 12 weeks other than mums&dads. Good luck

  • thanks. yeah he doesnt want to tell anyone either the now but ive secretly told a couple of folk haha. ive been to the midwife and coz symptoms are a lot stronger this time and doing all the things im meant to do, coz i knew early enough this time, she seems quite happy. so i have our scan date for the 28th of may i think so we are looking forward to that. even though it looks for downs etc but still looking forward to it. tell ure wife just to relax, i think the more u worry etc it doesnt do any favours. keep her feet up and you can run around doing things haha. my pauls like a wee servant the noo its great. hes so excited this time. dont know why we just have to keep our fingers crossed. good luck to the two of u. hope all goes well too xx

  • I have just had my first baby at 40, she was born 10 weeks ago. She is the best thing to have happened to us. I had a really straight forward pregnancy apart from nausea from week 9 -13. Good luck and enjoy every moment of your pregnancy.

  • Thank you and best of luck with ure new baby. I think the weeks are just going to drag in as Im worried about everything but hoping all will turn out well xx

  • I was exactly the same I think because you are an older mum you think things may go wrong. However I had a perfect pregnancy and the birth which I wanted which was an elective section. You will be fine I'm sure enjoy, I'm trying to persuade my other half to do it all again. Good luck and best wishes x

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