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back ache and labor worries

I called my physio and she can only see me on 7th May - which is fine, as I would still be 9 weeks away from my labor.

I am 26 weeks now and the whole process of labor has started to come to mind (and honestly its freaky) - the more i think the more I am scared and even if I dont want to think, my mind still goes on there.

My back on the other hand hurts so much when I am lying down (even if I am on my sides). Its difficult to even push-off a sneeze with that kind of back-ache I wonder how i would be able to push the baby out.

Although I did made it abundantly clear to my husband and mom that lying on my back while delivering is not an option at all. But those are somethings I dont think we can plan.

Yesterday wedged sofa cushions under my upper back (to an extent it helped) - I am feeling so sleep deprived these days. My right shoulder has a previous RSI (joys of studying). and My left leg cant take much weight either because of what seems to me as a very very old un-treated previous knee strain (joys of acting). I did go to couple of doctors last year (had an idea that we would be planning a baby soon), and he was not able to figure it out.

So now I cant lie down comfortably in any way - I wish someone invent a way where you can sleep for uninterrupted 8 hours without having to lie down, I am sitting and sleeping half of the time and wake up in pain every couple of minutes :(

Oh! How I miss my sleep - looking like a Zombie now

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Oh how I hear you lovely...

Regarding labour, don't stress yourself out worrying, easier said than done i know but it really isn't that bad. The contractions get painful I won't lie but you have plenty of options to help you tens, gas and air, diamorph, epidural .... The contractions help dilate the cervix thats alls they are for. The actual giving birth doesn't hurt its like you get to ten cm and the pain goes. then you do the pushing out bit, which can sting a little when crowning but so long as you listen to your midwife you'll be in safe hands. Trust me I'm on the third :-) I wouldn't have done it twice more knowing it was soooo bad... Xx

With regards to back ache..

Firstly apply cold and heat packs alternating over the course of the day. Use the pillows on your bed to lay under your back and your side, so your like slightly raised upper half when you sleep. Have regular warm baths with a muscle soak to also ease the pain.

And although you may not feel like it a short walk for half hour a day will do you wonders :-)

Lay off driving if you can to also rest your back.

All else fails you can see a chiropractor they are good to help pregnant ladies with severe back pain.

I got it pretty bad for 2 weeks in week 18 and 19, to the point I woke up crying because I couldn't get out of bed and my hubby had to help me to the loo and back in bed. With no sleep and two children ages 6 and 4 and was very sleep deprived but I did the steps above and by end of week two woke up and boom, it had gone.

Sending ((hugs)) there is light at the end xx


Thanks deary for the great advise. I would surely try the heat and cold patch. :)

I dont drive (I dont know how to :P I think I am little afraid of it). SO normally

i am walking to work and back (its not that far a mile or less). And yeah I feel so good standing than sitting or lying down (which also made me imagine myself like a Zombie).

You are on your third :O you are one BRAVE women ! I told everyone in the family that this would be the last biological one !!

I was so tired today, still started with room-decoration - pasted some wall stickers (was dreading to sleep) I hope it would be better tonight. Now feeling as if I am having a bad hangover (joys of motherhood I guess)

Keep healthy :)



Back pain is just awful, not being able to sleep well or get comfy is equally so. I had a lot of pelvic pain and back pain too. I did see an osteopath and it really helped but was too expensive for me to continue having but if you are able to afford it I would recommend that or something similar. Have you tried placing pillows and cushions around you? I found that a pillow between my knees helped a little (but only a little). If you can sleep sitting up then i envy you. I just can't get comfy sleeping sitting up. As time has gone on, I found that the pelvic pain has lessened, that I can only manage it at night be shifting one side then the other. When I get up for the many night time loo stops I walk like a 90 year lady, seized up and stiff.

As for labour fears, I have them too but have decided that whatever happens it's coming and I will just have to manage. I have no idea what my pain threshold is. I would say I was more of a wuss but in certain circumstances we just never know what we are capable of enduring. Plus there are some lovely drugs that can be given if coping with the pain is an issue. I've coped only by knowing that at the end of it my daughter will be here and I'll finally be able to hold her in my arms. Whatever happens to get her to my chest I am willing to endure. I can not predict if it will be a short labour, long, end up with a caesarian, if I'll shout the place down, or find that somehow I cope without being a banshee. I don't know if I'll tear or vomit or poop during it. It will be what it will be. The weirdest thing of all... I know I want to do it a second time! I'd love to have two babies in my life! Then that's it, I'll be proper too old for anymore and plus I want to work and save money for my little ones futures.

My feeling Ritz21 is that you will surprise yourself in so many ways both with how you cope in labour, as a mother and how you manage to balance it all with your academic studies and your career! Good things lay ahead for you for sure! :) No that it is all ok to feel apprehensive about labour and all the other things that happen. :)

Here's hoping that back pain can be managed soon and that the pain is reduced sooner rather than later! :)


Tell us how it went with your labor after you get your little angel (I think its around time for you) - and tell us honestly, in the most blunt way (atleast I would want to hear just to prepare myself a little more)

And nope I cant sleep sitting, but I am so tired, that I was actually dozing off sitting on the bed and got so irritated when my husband woke me (by asking me if i was ok - ofcourse I am not ok - I cant lie down)

Pillows are not really helping me ( I think that is because of the problem with my limbs to lie on my sides - has never been that easy). But I would try maternity wedges and hopefully would get to see the doctor soon. :)

thanks !



Yes def go and see an osteopath or chiropractor but osteopaths work on ur muscles too. . will really help. . My sciatica had been niggling a couple of days and I am limping around even thou I can't really afford it I'm going to have go the pain is too much. ..It's worrying if ur in pain now about labour but ur feel much better if u get ur back sorted so ur ready for the big day xxx


Yeah I was wondering if it is same with me - Sciatica - but honestly I never heard of that word before and i dont know if thats what is also my problem.

Take care of your health. I am finding being pregnant so amusing and amazing and I also wonder often how brave you and other ladies with more than one kid are :) truly inspirational (actually I often think of it, especially if I am scared of labor I tell myself, so many of you did it, I am also a woman and capable of doing it) :D


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