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Iv just bought all the new bedding for my little one, with all the other things Iv got (clothes, hats, baby grows etc) Iv washed them before putting them away. The problem is the bedding was really quite expensive and it looks gorgeous and I don't want to risk ruining it with washing before she can even use it. I know this might sound silly but did anybody else just use it or did you wash it first? Thanks x

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  • Always wash first. It's recommended on the packets or labels. Plus it smells even more fresh. If your concerned about ruining them use a cold wash and low spin, the label will tell you the exact way to wash the item properly. Hope this helps with your. Decision x

  • Hi its always recommended to wash anything new for baby especially with fairy non-bio as with majority of the items being made in factory's if your worried put the bedding in the wash on its own and put it on a baby cycle wash if your washer has one.

  • Always wash new things first - think of babies health first x

  • I would wash your stuff as lots of new things have chemical residue on them from the manufacturing process. Sadly although your bedding will always be lovely it won't be looking brand new for long!

  • Thank you, I knew to wash everything else I just wasn't sure if bedding would be the same lol x

  • Seeing as we are on this topic what other reason are there why people wash the babies clothes before they are born besides what that said upabove " chemical residue on them from the manufacturing process"?

  • It does tend to make them softer, and smell nicer. Plus if you imagine how long they have been on hangers in shops and then how many people have touched them, and how any of them people have been carrying all sorts of coughs and colds and germs... It just makes me feel a lot better to wash stuff first x

  • Great explanation :-)

  • Yes for real it make sense now why people wash the clothes before! Thanks x

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