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hi so im 9 weeks pregnant i found out yesterday, im a big girl size 16-18 clothes and want to lose just a little bit of weight before the end of may for my uncles wedding am i able to go to the gym when im pregnant cause i dont want to pile on even more weight with my cravings and whatnot :( any advice probably a stupid question in some peoples eyes just need advice thats all xx

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Personally I wouldn't recommend losing weight during pregnancy. Speak to your midwife if you have any concerns in this regard, she can give you some firm advice and if appropriate make some suggestions for you to follow.


It wouldnt be alot its just excercise i eat well but i would feel better if i lost a little for babyys sake


I understand your concern but i agree with Kaleidoscope's comment that its not such a good idea to want to lose weight during pregnancy.

Our bodies at the moment (espically in the early stages of pregnancy) need a certain amount of calories & fat to help our immune system to stay healthy which is ultimately going to help the baby's development.

Please try to be patient, after the baby is born you can hit the gym with avengence.


Keeping your body active is a good idea but the intention to lose weight is what concerns me a little bit if it is not under the instruction and guidance of your midwife or GP. I found that in early pregnancy I lost weight anyway, without even trying to, the same may occur for you. You know your body better than anyone but I still would recommend that you speak with a medical professional about whether you need to lose any weight. Eating well is a good start and if you were exercising already then continuing with your instructors aware that you are pregnant will be good for you. Good luck with how you proceed! :)


hey, I am the same size as u and I lost quite a bit of weight early pregnancy (am now 19 weeks) due to sickness, if u want to exercise go swimming, its gd for u and baby, gym work isn't recommended during pregnancy. I go swimming 2/3 times a week and I normally go during day before the kids finish school when its quiet and normally I bump into other pregnant ladies, its a nice way to meet other mums in the area. Trust me the last thing u have to worry about in pregnancy is losing weight.

exercise in pregnancy, especially if you are not already used to it - is not recommended, as you need the energy to grow the baby. So ofcourse if you have not been a regular to the gym, there is no point starting now and moving towards complications.

About the craving - those can be controlled, you are in your first trimester - so your body wont really have any natural craving (except the ones which your mind would impose and that would ofcourse increase more you would think about carvings).

My way of dealing with it, is eating bite-size portion of stuffs that i crave, keep myself well-hydrated and eat Fruits (lots of fruits, except papaya and pineapples - they are believed to cause contractions during pregnancy, although scientifically not proven, but in some cultures are totally not given to pregnant women).

Also, as you are already a size 16 and 18 the growing baby would put more weight on your back and your knees. I was size 12/14 (now 14/16 into my almost third trimester), and I have a baby girl (girls are normally lying more towards your back than front)and I have started facing real bad back-aches and knee pain (which almost make me immobile for few minutes). I would be seeing my physio for this, but at the same time I am also glad that I have not put on any additional weight of my own to make the situation worse.

So my advise would be : Cravings are a way of your body telling you that something is deficient. So eat healthy and eat well, lots of greens and fruits. and do move (walk the dog, or go for swimming, but dont hit the gym, unless you are already used to it)


swimming and walking is good but if your also decorating all day thats a very manual job so think you will be ok

You only need to be eating 250 extra calories a day in your first and second trimester, that's the equivalent of a yoghurt and a slice of toast. So if you are eating a lot more it would be wise to cut down down your portion sizes and cut out choc and crisps.

As you are a size 16-18 your weight gain medically needs to be less than another women who is a size 12. So for you, your weight gain for the entire pregnancy should be a lot less than 2.5 stone, maybe around 15 pounds.

The bigger you are at the beginning the more control you need to have with your diet. Exercise should be walking, swimming, or if you was at the gym before you got pregnant then you can carry on, except stomach crunches and lifting heavy weights. Around 15 minutes of purposeful walking is good :)

From experience, I'm a size 14 per pregnancy, by gaining weight quickly and eating choc, and not exercising enough and having Pcos put me at high risk of diabetes, and here I am now injecting insulin at 29 weeks, but I have taken charge and now I'm exercising daily, eating on 300 extra calories a day, not put any weight on for 1 month and I'm now in control of my GDP just!

Good luck, keep fit, sort your diet out, that's all you need to do to keep u and baby healthy:) xxx

I was with a personal trainer for 8 months and was told I shouldn't keep running now I'm pregnant as I was classed as a established runner and it may do more harm than good. If your use to going the gym then speak to a instructor but I don't recommended and neither would a GP or instructor taking up the gym now your pregnant. Eat healthy and you won't gain a lot of weight some like myself lost around 7lbs when I found out it hasn't harmed me or the baby and I put that down to being very picky over food as mentally I was on a strict diet and gym regime when I fell pregnant. I now just do the light walks take kids out on bikes nothing too heavy going as you,ll be aware you know your own limits as pregnancy develops. X

Sorry * was t classed as a established runner

you can continue going to the gym just nothing too rough in the first 3 months staying active whilst pregnant is really good for you and the baby. if u want to get healthier and drop a dress size just eat healthy and light amount of cardio

I was a size 20 and not used to exercise when i fell pregnant in 2011. I went to a gym and worked with a personal trainer who gave me a set, low impact routine to follow that would help strengthen my muscles ready for child birth and labour. I listened to my body and found my appetite slowed during pregnancy and sickness anyway, so i came out the other side with a 10lb 8oz baby and 3 stone lighter (not anymore, lol). My advice to you is focus on being healthy, not loosing weight, regardless of what it's for. Exercise is good for everyone, just take it easy, keep well hydrated and don't work to the point of over-heating. Speak with a personal trainer, most centres offer a free consultation. They're trained to help and advise you and talk with your midwife/ doctor before doing any of the above. :) Best of luck with you and your little one. X


Thankyou for the answers ladied only just got round to reading them all :) im used to going to the gym i walk alot and have to be careful with swimming as my eczema flares up due to the clorine but thankyu for the advice will be seeing the gp next week due to having to do urine tests thankypu ever so much:D

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