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Yeeeeeeeeeeeey worries are over

yessssss babys fine i got an emergency scan and im 9weeks gone and due on the 10th of november hehe yey yey yey so so so happy

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Arrrh! im so happy for u darl'

she/he's a fighter.

:-) ;-) :-*


Fantastic :) xxx

Wow I am 10 weeks today so your v near me I have been given the first week in November !!! Xx so pleased for you I had a scan at 7 weeks and seeing baby beans heartbeat made it all real xxxx

Rollercoaster of emotions !!! Xxxxxx

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Ooo yeah im very near u! A few days apart:p aww i know i saw the gorgeous little heart beat and burst into tears:) yeah thats an understatement xxxxxxxxxxxx

So pleased for you! Congratulations x

Ah that is great news...have you told your dad yet or you gonna wait?

Thankyou everyone for the comment oh me and the other half are absolutrly over the moon oh im so delighted i was so worried it was ridiculous but glad everything sorted now and everythings fine little munchkin looked tinnnnyy!!!

Nah mum and dad are gonna have to wait a while need to pluck up courage to tell them haha

Hey Hannah, can I just ask, why the emergency scan? Did I miss a post? Was something wrong?

Got my first scan on Wednesday, it'll be the first time since the one & only pregnancy test I did that will actually confirm i'm pregnant! arrrrrr! Excited, much!

Congratulations!!! It's exciting huh... I'm due 19th Nov too! :)

ChellyBelly you are going to love it!!!! If I wasn't sat down, I would of passed out! :)

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I mean 10th!

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