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Any tips to reduce gas? Is becoming very embarrassing :-(

I'm currently 11-12 weeks pregnant and for some weeks now I have been experiencing some bowel-related issues. I've had a couple of bouts of constipation, but able to keep that fairly under control with diet (though still not going that regularly or as easily as is 'normal' for me), but my main issue is with gas. I just can't help passing wind and the smell is very unpleasant and pungent. It is incredibly embarrassing, especially in one-on-one situations when you can't blame anyone else!! Is this a common occurrence during pregnancy? Does anyone know how to help stop this from happening?

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Yes, Im around about the same Wks pregnant with my 2nd child & experience the same thing "as well as burping" Luckily for me im not in work at the moment so if im out & about i hope for a good bit of breeze to blow it away.

Im sure it will definetely ease as the the pregnancy goes on, so we just have' to be patient im afraid.

Another joy of pregnancy :-)


gaviscon helps me with trapped wind...but it is all normal just have to do it outside lol...i found it very hard to hold in, better out than in they say ;)


What are you taking for constipation? I found lactulose gave me terrible wind and certain other things will too. Try drinking lots of water and cutting out white carbohydrates if you take them, I always find they give me wind (biscuits, white bread, pasta etc).

Drinking peppermint tea might help too? And Gaviscon to help you digest your food better?

Did you have IBS before you got pregnant?


Well, at least I'm not the only one!

LunaD, I wouldn't say I have IBS (my husband does & it's nothing as extreme or persistent as that). I'm also not taking any medication for constipation. As I said, there have only been a couple of 'uncomfortable' moments, so I haven't needed to resort to medication.

I have been trying to cut out as much white carbs as I can (though this is tricky as my husband is 'the other way' and so tries to avoid wheat & there are only so many meals that I want to cook separately!). I'm not very good at drinking fluids though, so maybe I should re-double my efforts on that front to see if it has any effect.

Thanks for the suggestions.


I found that certain foods made me worse. I cut out bread for a while and found that it really helped. Its all normal though :) and will pass soon as i found this only went on for a few weeks. X


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