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Constipated - what can i take?

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Hi Everyone - I'm 8 and half weeks and totally constipated. I feel massive and in the evenings look like i've put on a stone just throughout the day! I feel horrible but not sure what i can take to help. My diet is pretty healthy - this is something i have suffered with for a long time now but i have been able to take Senokot in the past but been told not to take anything like that now i'm pregnant. Any ideas would be gratefully received. Thanks

12 Replies
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Hi, I suffered too and my doctor recommended lactulose to take. You buy it over the counter at the pharmacy. If you can't get a doctors appointment, speak to the pharmacist, let them know you are pregnant and they should be able to help out. I found it took about 12 hours to work. Goodluck!

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Hi :-)

I suffered horribly too early on although I don't when I'm not pregnant. This probably sounds silly but dried apricots absolutely did the business for me! I wanted to avoid medicines as I wasn't sure what was safe so gave them a go.

I also swapped from taking just folic acid to pregnacare on my midwifes advice - it contains all the folic acid you need plus a stool softener to combat the bunging-up qualities.

If natural stuff doesn't work I'm sure a pharmacist could advise if there's anything suitable without prescription x

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i had lactulose too. its something to soften the stool and make it a little easier for you. so give that a go. i still suffer now at 20 weeks. but i spent 4 weeks in hospital and 6 weeks with out passing a stool. so no wonder i cant go.

ask you DR if your unsure though. xx

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I'm 19 weeks pregnant and drinking lots of water and drinking lemon & ginger tea has worked wonders for my toilet problems :)

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I had to phone the Doctor about this today. What a nightmare. They've prescribed Lactulose so it must be safe. I'd probably phone at least and get a prescription rather than buy it over the counter - just so they get the dose right.

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I found lactulose gave me bad wind but you might find it ok. I found changing my prenatal vitamin helped, since the type of iron in it bunged me up and eating dried apricots, fruit, veg and lentils helped. Also taking fybogel, which is a sachet of psyllium husk and is safe was helpful. Also try and drink lots and lots of water and be active when you can :) I found the constipation improved significantly after the first trimester.

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You can buy lactulose in your pharmacy, the dose is written on the bottle and the pharmacist will advise you- they're obviously very up on what a pregnant woman can and cannot take- if you don't have time to see your GP or can't over the weekend :)

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Drinking hot/ warm water worked for me and orange juice.

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Uptake in more water and fruit, I made blackberry blueberry raspberry and strawberry smoothie thickened out with a banana and topped with carrot juice to make a decent amount, over two days it did the trick :-)

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I am vet nurse we use lactulose as first defence against constipation. I suffered a little in the beginning, because I read it can happen I was prepared and made sure I was well aware if when I last went!! It does pass but I still make a mental note! X

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thanks so much everyone. really helpful. Got the lactulose and have had movement this morning!!!

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I would personally avoid any kind of lactulose unless nothing else works, (I have used it occasionally as the last resort), however it is all down to what you eat. Its all about following the right diet but it will take few days to take effect though!

-Loads of fresh fruits&berries during the day

-Drink loads if water

-REALLY cut down on White flour based products (bread, pastries, breakfast cereals..) it does not mean you need to cut down on everything, just switch i.e. whole wheat pasta or brown rice and ensure wheat is NOT playing the main role on your meals!

-Cut down on all sugary products are low in fibre yet high in fat and sugar. Those can only -Increase the risk of chronic constipation

-Avoid Processed Foods as much as you can! All sorts of processed and refined foods are directly associated with constipation.

Avoid overdoing with fiber intake, its all about balance, for a breakfast i.e. bowl of homemade fruit smoothie, 1xRye bread with cheese or egg, natural yogurt with granola or few Allbran flakes and throughout the day ensure you eat enough veggies, beans with your meals

Its can be real hard to adjust to the diet, but its worth it!

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