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So not what i expected!!

Ok so i went for my 30 week scan today.. baby moving and showing himself regularly so wasnt that worried, had a feeling he was perfectly ok :)

However my blood pressure was high :( and when my consultant measured baby he measures at 31+4 days at 3lbs 14 oz..

Near fell off the table.. I am only 30 weeks and my baby is near 4 lbs.. so after leaving and having talks with other consultants she considered sending me for GD tests :( however as my last baby was 8lb 3 and apparently boys can be bigger than girls, I was sent on my way being told to expect a larger baby and possibly a sooner delivery..

Although I would be over the moon if i met my little one earlier than expected, Im concerned as to why hes so big.. they have decided to review me in a few weeks and monitor us. Although i feel big, compared to most at 30 weeks im small and I honestly dont know where hes hiding :) She never mentioned my due date, just that im 31+4 weeks, should i go by this date now? as the baby is larger and more accurate measurements can be taken?

Sorry to ramble.. was just a shock to find out im a week and a half further on..

Hope everyone is having a good week and looking forward to the weekend :) :) xxx

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Well this definetetly gives you something to think about.

I'd like to ask u (sorry very nosey) but you mentioned your 1st son was 8Lb 3 WOW" Did u give birth to him naturally "vaginal" or caesarean.

Im guessing as this baby you're carrying at the moment is 4Lb at 30wks it could be possible for him to be slightly heavier than the 1st.

In this case im guessing the midwife or operating doctor would like to offer you a selective caesarean.



Thank you :) im just happy hes doing well, he will deffinately be a big bruiser :) im destined to have big babies :)

yes my daughter was delivered naturally, although the form was signed and all for a section after 10 hours and not a lot of progress :( but my lovely midwife suggested forceps and they did the trick :) nasty but was thankful to avoid a c section :)

OH NO.. i cant imagine a bigger baby, tho if he gets to big no doubt ill have to have a section.. my only worry is my sister is getting married in nov and im bridesmaid :( so ill have 5 months to squeeze into a size 10 dress and iv been told u cant exercise for 6-8 weeks after a c section :(

Fingers crossed xx


Yes I've also experienced the use of forceps when I was giving birth to my son in 2008. Although my midwife "who was on duty" at the time was lovely I dont think they acted quick enough.

But bless u, hopefully he wont be that much bigger than your daughter but like u said the main thing is he's healthy & doing well.

Take care xx


Did u pass our first gestation diabetes test? I would ask to be tested again just to make sure, best to get sugar levels under control ASAP, I myself is now on insulin :(

8 pound 3 doesn't sound big and isn't medically recognised as big any baby over 9. 3 is considered big! My poor sister gave birth 11 weeks ago to her boy three weeks ealy and he weighed 9.10 ouch! She had undetected gestational diabetes, coz of this he had trouble with his sugar levels:(

Worth getting checked again, good luck :)


Hi I agree with Skyblueboston if you have had a GTT test which is the test your giving to see if you have diabetes and you have passed that then ask for a second one just to be sure. I was in the same position as you I am 35+2 weeks pregnant at the hospital at my 30 weeks scan I was estimated at 33 weeks pregnant and my little boy was measuring big I had passed the first test so when I saw my consultant I asked if I could have the test re done just to make sure the results were 100% accurate I had them redone the results came back the same as the first I was fine so my consultant has no cause for concern, Its all ways best to get things rechecked if your worried


Hi there-I wouldn't worry about what they have told u! I took it as gospel and at 38 weeks thy told me I had a 7.5lb baby-boy were they wrong!!! I gave birth via forceps and had to be cut open because my baby girl was ........wait for it......10lb 10oz!!!!! The dates are only a guide as they tried to tell me she was going to come earlier then what had been originally told but she was a week later!!

Hope all goes well with u! X


Thanks for all your comments.. i was very confused! The midwife said i was fine and didnt need the GD test. she said my blood pressure was high probably because i was waiting over an hour to be seen and the waiting room was packed and warm as when she took it a second time it was lower than the first.. she also said because the measurements/dates were only a difference of 2 weeks then I should be ok but if it was a difference of 4 weeks then they would be concerned :(

I was extremely thin when i had my daughter, the doctor advised my when i fell pregnant to start taking better care of myself or my body wouldn't cope. I had and still do have a bad relationship with food so when she came out at 8lb 3 everyone was so shocked :) but generally hearing the weight of little babies now 8lb 3 is a breeze, ouch 10lb 10 (what am i complaining about??:)

Have an app in 5 weeks and they will check him again :) as long as hes healthy and happy, thats all that matters to me :) Ill mention again at my next check about GD as i have heard many women have went undetected and It can cause problems.



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