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10 weeks to go :)

FINALLY we have reached week 30.. this has been one of the most emotional times of my life so far. Up until a few weeks ago I was still reluctant to start the nursery or look at baby clothes or even talk about baby but now at week 30 im confident in my body and in our little baby that all will be ok :)

I even packed my hospital bag (i know its very early) but i woke up excited one day and thought why not? :) so i went shopping and got all the little bits and bobs that we will need... then informed my partner where to go to get it :)

Maternity leave is now in sight.. and im glad i have chosen to finish earlier rather than later as im now feeling exhausted, big and really ready! With my final (dated) scan tomorrow, I finally get to see him again.. my last NHS scan was on 5th feb so it feels like forever ago and fingers crossed my wee man is exactly how he should be :) Excited!!

Finally feels like im on the home stretch :) :)

Still struggling with names tho... :(

Hope everyone is keeping well this week xxx

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Well done! im so happy you can start to celebrate your baby & birth. I agree its hard to 100% consider "in the early stages" but now i would agree you can definetely start arranging your nursery & other utilities now.

Im getting my 1st scan fot this child (at 12wks) next thursday so im just as anxious but excited as you may be feeling getting to the 30wks mark.

All the best.



Aw Thank you :)

Good Luck with your scan next Thursday :) im sure you cant wait :) Congratulations on getting to week 12, thats a huge milestone as wel :)

Such a mix of emotions all through pregnancy.. its not an easy 9 months, but worth it in the end :) xx


Hi Ashy2005, I am 31 weeks tomorrow and know how you feel - it really does feel like the home stretch! And it's only natural to be cautious early on. We didn't do any baby shopping at all until I was about 24 weeks and we've only done the bulk of it the last two weekends. That's great that you're nearly on maternity leave. I have another 5 and a half weeks to go and am counting down! I am feeling increasingly hippolike :) All the best! xx


Hi ashy2005 I'm just a week behind you and have felt the same up until this week, I'm now finally ready to start. Buying the essentials for baby no3 arrival :-)

You reminded me about the hospital bag thank you Lol totally forgot about that part another thing added to my list.

Defiantly on the home strech now :-) names that job went to the hubby one less thing for me to think about :-) xxx


Thanks for your comments ladies.. Not long for us now :) Hopefully the home stretch doesnt start to slow down as they say the final few weeks feel like forever.. Im so ready to meet my little boy now :)

Good Luck with the final weeks :) Take Care xxx


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