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Week 29

Week 29

Hello lovely pregnant ladies :-)

Week 29 wow, went on holiday to UK to visit parents with the kids. Flight was surprisingly ok last two hours where uncomfortable but I made sure I drank plenty and got up a lot to stretch my legs. Would I do it again ... Probably not 28 weeks was probably my limit and as for the very inconsiderate people sat in front who fully reclined leaving no room to get up and go the loo after asking politely to please leave me some room, got rattled to death every time I had to hawk myself up! Not to mention blankets and headphones subtly positioned on their heads. Ha ha sorry but one thing that really annoys me when your pregnant is inconsiderate people and irritating me whilst heavily pregnant wrong thing to do lol..

Seems like finally I've realised I'm pregnant! Lol I managed to bring back lots of baby clothes and other items from my previous two children and I'm finally ready to start buying the crib cot pram etc come May time. :-) after seeing friends post pictures of their baby's room all ready and are due after me I did wonder what the problem with me was. But At last I'm ready. A little anxiety possibly .

So my bump is neat and small baby is moving loads people have noticed I'm actually pregnant lol and not just fat ha ha.

I'm so busy with my 6 and 4.5 year old that time is really going quickly and once they are back at school on Sunday those last few weeks will pass by in a flash.

So I hope you lovely ladies are enjoying pregnancy still and those little bumps are not giving too much grief.

Look forward to reading everyone's blogs today xxx

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Ahhh lovely. . Where do u live now? Must be hard the flight I'm going on hols when I'll be 25/26 Weeks hopefully I won't be too big!!.. I'm not looking to buy too much, I'm hoping get some lovely hand me downs from my cousin, that's if it's a girl so here's hoping! ! The only thing I kept was my children's cot I had it for all my babies and couldn't bear to part with it.... But I'm gutted I gave away my electronic breast pump and the baby borjn carrier... They are so expensive now! ! But then didn't think I'd have another one! !!! I feel a bit anxious about this pregnancy..... But starting to get a bit excited starting to feel real. .. Have got my 12 week scan next week, think I'll be more relieved once that is over with:)


Hi babymother I live in dubai my first baby born outside the uk :-/ .. I'm very grateful I kept a lot of my baby items as things are expensive now. Good luck with the scan when are you booked in? X


aww thats a lovely bump !

I am flying on my week 28 too - seems like I should I ask for the seats with more space. Any tips for flying that late, I have a 4 hour flight and than a 45 minutes connection.


Ah why thank you ritz21 :-)

I always pre book my seats so I'm close to the loo... lol I always travel with the kids. if I could book the leg room seats I would but like most airlines you have to wait until you check in to get these seats, arrive nice and early to get offered them. Mine was a 7 hour flight from Dubai to UK I've done this flight a lot so I'm used to it, but your even more aware of deep vain whilst heavily pregnant so make sure you get up and out your seat moving your hips and legs for circulation, drink plenty of water too. :-) hope you have a great trip, you off anywhere nice? Xx


Yes ! its one of my dream destinations - Santorini Islands. We decided to take a luxury trip for 10 days before the kiddi comes, probably this would be the last luxury trip in next 18 or 20 years. You know how it goes with kids we would be mostly going to Disney lands and camping in Jungles (although Dutch love their camper-vans).

So decided to treat and prepare ourselves for next 2 decades (hoping after that the kids would move out to college and we would be still left with enough savings to take a world tour or something like that and hopefully they would be smart enough to get scholarships - we both did - so keeping our fingers crossed on that). I am kind of already imagining me and my husband on a regeneration-honeymoon in 2034 (if we survive until than).

We also wanted to go to Dubai (me especially for shopping) but seems like we would wait for the kid to grow a bit before we make that trip!


Nice neat bump, I'm 29 weeks 1 day as well, I fel and look thugs, but its all bump:)

Baby boy now moves all day long which I love:)

I'm ready for him, everything is bought and set up for him, 11 weeks to go


Thanks skyblueboston :-)

How you finding the baby bump? Found this morning whilst putting dishes away I can no longer stand in front of the draws to put cutlery back and have to stand at the side . Lol.

11. Weeks to go exciting for both of us . I'm glad your sorted for his arrival and spurring me on to get out and buy the cot etc.



Well with my rather large bump, putting shoes on is difficult, bending down to pick things up. And even walking my dog I walk slower than everyone around me, and I get feel sorry for you looks lol.

Yeah go and enjoy shopping, I can't now as I get soooooo tired and my back kills!


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