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Names for your belly bean ???


Me and my husband want a little pet name for our 'baby bean' and I wondered if any of you had a name for yours ???

My friends have had squiggly swirl/ peanut/ elvis and gromit so any other suggestions???

I am 9 weeks 5 days and counting.... Feeling exhausted and sick from morning till night but I don't care it will all be worth it xxxx

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Mr Jingles

My baby has been called all sorts during my pregnancy:

Baby Bumpling

Zircon 365


& have now settled on calling her Squiggly!

Love the little names people call their growing babies, so cute! Have fun choosing! :) And... good luck with your pregnancy! Exciting times ahead for you and your husband. x

My hubby and I call our bump bundle

Mine is called splodge as I haven't really got a bump, more of a splodge. I have a feeling it may stick even after she is born.

i call my bubz. well my sister does and its stuck. i still call it a HE even though i dont know the sex yet and its also my jelly bean. xx

We called our bump Bert. We thought I might be twins early on and said they'd be Bert and Ernie and Bert stuck!!

Mine changes every week! I've got an app that tells me what fruit or vegetable baby is the size of every week so that's what we refer to him or her as for the week! We've got an avocado this week hehe :-)

York-mummy in reply to dons88

Wow that App sounds great - what's it called?

dons88 in reply to York-mummy

What To Expect When You're Expecting. I've got it on iPhone, not sure if they support other platforms. It's my favourite app, you get a weekly development update plus a little fact or tip every day. The fruit or veg bit is the best though! X

York-mummy in reply to dons88

I've just downloaded it, it's fab thank u! My baby is a large plum!! :-)


I call mine bubba. Not sure why its something i used to call my son when he was born in 2008 too.

We haven't really called our baby anything yet (10 weeks 1 day), but our first born was called a combination of the boys and girls name we wanted - it ended up as an odd word (I can't tell you what as we are still going to use the boys name if we have a boy) but we loved it, and kept it to ourselves so no one tried to guess our baby names!

We call ours Spud. And we refer to it as a he even though we don't know the sex! Everyone around us has picked up on it and now call it Spud too. As someone else said, I think it may stick after the baby is born. My cousins bump was called Fred and they still call their daughter Fred, or Lily-Fred, now...she's 2!

We call ours the little squirell! My husband says to me "you do realise that's what its going to be called to us for the rest of its life!" But we are fine with that!

We call ours BA which stands for baby alien as my family nickname is alien x

Ours is Beanie - coz the first time we ever saw it looked like a little bean!

Mine was Peanut. When we found out it was a girl it changed to Shenut!

Tigernoodles, Bert is awesome, we all call each other Bert & Doris down my way (just easier!!) so I love that

Dons88 I've just downloaded that app & have a few others too which give the names of fruit & veg for your growing bump, next week i'm a plum! :)

other than that I called it something my friend really didn't like so i'm steering well clear of calling it anything at the moment!

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