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waters gone at 33 weeks- anyone had this, any advice etc ?

well there are more issues going on with myself and this pregnancy than i could rant about in one go but this is the biggest problem i hope..

i have been telling M.W, hospital etc that i have been leaking for about 6 weeks and eventually it was caught on a scan, in 10 days i went from having 15cms of fluid to 3.5cms , this was on monday.

now i have to have 2 monitorings weekly, and another consultant and scan monday to discuss, i have been told they hope to get me to 37weeks but to not be upset surprised if it isnt possible,

if anyone has had this. knows of this please let me know as the only things i know to ask about would be a steroid shot to help the lungs.

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My mom was just informing me to avoid taking calcium, as someone she knew lost her water much earlier and the doctors said that was because of calcium supplements she was taking (which anyhow we do not take in UK). she was rushed for c-section as there was nothing much doctors could have done when it was discovered. Both baby and mom are healthy.

I hope you are able to pull through as the doctor said, but be persistent in gettting care, it was really not good that the MW dint check you up at the first complaint and you were leaking for 6 weeks.



Have they not given u the steriods? I know someone who this happened to they just monitored her every few days because of the risk of infection, did they tell u to have showers instead of baths? But also any time if ur concerned u should just straight to hospital. .I had a show and contractions at 32 weeks and they gave me the steroids and said if I was 34 weeks they would of let me had the baby but they stopped my contractions with drug's.. How are u feeling about it all? X


I haven't experienced this myself, and I hope I will not.

Treatments are:

Close monitoring of baby

IV fluids for you, has been shown to help levels increase

If near term, then often induced, and fluids given to mother to help cushion umbilical cord.

By 37 weeks amniotic fluid naturally reduces in preparation for delivery, so this is why you will only be allowed to go to 37 weeks,

To help amniotic fluid increase make sure you are not dehydrated and try and rest alot.

If your levels drop below 2.5 cm then baby will need to be delivered.

Take care, I hope you get lots of support xxxx


thank you skyblueboston :) its good when someone explains it as they never seem to do to me, they didnt even tell me about going to a maximum of 37weeks , they told my mum who was with me,

have to go up tomorrow for monitoring and again monday for a scan monitoring and consultant so hoping to get the steroid shot then :)

i do have fantastic timing as we are moving onthe 20th, at this rate i might get to skip the actual moving all together ;p


Good luck and I hope it's good news:) keep in touch xxx


i am going in today to get monitored, have a feeling i wil be staying in, lost more waters this morning, awful pains in my back ( and i am on 60mg codeine for my fibro myalgia) and poor baby V has gone all sluggish. never know might be posting within the week saying he has made his arrival


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