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NOT A GOOD DAY "at all"

Hi ladies

Have u ever considered a day to be 1 of the worst days of your life?

Add feeling nauseous, drowsy, fatigued & just fed up into the mix.

Nearly / almost everything ive tried to do today has gone wrong (including the fact ive had to force myself to do it) because ive been feeling exteremely tired & low today.

Ive been eating small but frequent, keeping hydrated & even attempted eating at least 2 pieces of fruit every day.

Im now at the end of about 12wk stage but ive never felt like this in this pregnancy yet.

Any advise would be appreciated

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Ohhhh I've felt like that for the last 6weeks struggled through the days just got to do whatever to get through and don't be too hard on yourself rest as much as u can, eat whatever u want, don't force yourself if you don't fancy it and don't be too hard on yourself hope you feel a bit better tmw xx


Thanxs I guess i wouldnt feel as guilty if it were just me who i need to take care of i also have a 4yr old son so you could imagine he wants to do anything & everything.

Hope you also can get to feel better soon :-)


I've got a 4year old and a 6 year old.....when I feel really rough I just lay down stick a movie on or give them drawing or something to keep them busy for a bit but it's def hard and they get bored easily at least we're near the end of the hols I'm planning a day out tmw fingers crossed i feel ok I have days where I'm not too bad but others where I do struggle to get off the sofa, hopefully things are on the up x


WOW Your like Superwoman for god sake! I agree with the fact Somehow we just find ways to cope. Between DVD's, game consoles & drawing just about got me through today.

Hopefully I'll feel better tommrow.

Take Care xx


I remember my week 13 the only time when I REALLY felt sick and exhausted !! Although I am feeling little sick and exhausted now again on week 25. BUT week 13 was my worst - it was like the hormonal storm i guess


It's the worst when you have days like that. Have a nibble of something and go for a bath with a book. I work on day to day basis, and if I wake up feeling awful, I just wait till tomorrow! I hope it all gets better soon for you.


Hey sunshine... Days like this suck, and i honestly think it doesn't matter what you do, the best answer is go to sleep.... tomorrow is a new day!

Although, i know this is probably not healthy, but when i feel stressed out, i sit in my car and scream... works wonders for relieving stress and anxiousness! xxx


Wow! Hi darl' you sit in your car & scream! I would feel like an absolute crazy woman. I do admire your technique though.

Well after speaking & pouring my heart out to 1 of my girl-friends i've decided to take some "over the counter women supplements" im guessing my iron levels could be a bit low so i'll see how this combined supplement works out.



Oh yeah... a good banshied scream does the world of good. I used to do mine when driving on the motorway with the stereo up and screech myself hoarse! Then I'd start laughing because I'd realise how demented I might of looked to anyone who dared look into my car at that point. I either that or I have to pull over a cry for a bit! Ack... the joys of being female! All good! :) xxx


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