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VSD, Childbirth and Endocarditis


I have a small, unrepaired VSD, that is asymptomatic. My midwife recently told me I will be put on an antibiotic drip to prevent me developing endocarditis, however my obstetrician made no mention of this and the NHS Choices website says this is no longer recommended.

Is my midwife out of touch or am I being kept in the dark about this?

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Prob erring on the side of caution if ur worried about the antibiotics then pls be assured I've had antibiotics in every labour due to strep b and all my children are fine.. Did they say the condition is more of a worry when ur pregnant? How do u feel about it? X


Ps dr fluffy would be good to talk to x

There's nothing to suggest that being pregnant is a problem or that issues may arise from being pregnant at the moment (I'm 19 weeks currently).

In your experience, were you able to have an active birth whilst hooked up to a drip? Is a water birth out of the question?

Dr Fluffy? Not sure to who that refers! Thanks for you replies. x

Your midwife is out of date.

There are clear NICE guidelines on infective endocarditis prophylaxis.



Yes can't see why not, the drip stand could just be positioned next to the Bath, I was able to walk around,go the toilet I either wheeled the stand with me or carried my drip worth me though if it goes lower ur blood flows back in to it so u have to hold it up x

Thank you Dr Fluffy for the replies - I shall take the guidelines with me to my next appointment. Slightly worrying that healthcare profs can be out of touch with something so serious.

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