sickness - really !!

I am unable to believe that I have been feeling nauseous once again since yesterday. 25 week 3 days now. REALLY!

and its not exactly nauseous of smell - or from food either - i just get this I-want-to-throw-up-feeling after I finish eating.

Also at times if I cough I feel my stomach and everything inside it is going to come off from my mouth - not to heavenly i tell you - disgusting in fact.

Have my doctor's appointment today, hopefully I would know if there is anything to worry !!



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7 Replies

  • Sounds kind of normal to me. I had pregnancy nausea beyond 12 weeks, think it wasn't till week 18 that I stopped retching and feeling pukey. Those feelings return intermittently throughout the pregnancy. Granted, it is not fun or pleasant to experience. Glad you're visiting your GP so that you can get some specific advice about it. Have you tried eating smaller portions of food but more frequently to space out what you are digesting?

  • Oh! yeah I am doing all that - was also finding it crazy as I have been quite lucky with nausea all this while.

    But good thing is that I was supposed to meet my doctor today for the medical certificate, hopefully I would be able to ask her to check if everything is ok (which I think she would anyways do before giving me a fit-to-fly certificate) :D

  • My friends sickness returned at 5 or 6 months not nice I had to take iron tablets at 5 months and it made me sick again, from a previous pregnancy. .. horrible :(

  • I had sickness from 13 to 23 weeks sick five or six times day and night, came on suddenly! Anything I smelt or even dishes that needed to be washed, made me sick!

    Least I got away with washing up for a while:)

    In the end I had to start eating every three hours and never allowed myself to get hungry otherwise the sickness would begin:(

    Then it stopped, I hope it doesn't return :)

  • I wasn't sick at all until now. I'm 28 weeks. It's not really smells tho. I just feel icky at anytime. I just feel rotten. It comes in waves. It must be worse for people like yourself that have had this at the start too

  • hi there, I was also not that sick at the beginning. So I would rather say its been a rather happy pregnancy with happy baby and happy mommy. But I am so anxious now. we have just booked a nice trip to Santorini islands and would be there in my 28th week, and i hope I dont feel so exhausted and life-less than. saving my energies to use it later :)


  • I know how you feel :( When eating i get half way through my meal and have this feeling of being really full and sick :(

    also today i went into my local shop to buy milk and they served breakfast at a counter.. I immediately had to turn around and walk out :( the sickness hit me like a tonne of bricks :( and im 30 weeks, and wasn't sick once in the beginning! the joys :) xxx

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