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Planned c-section for placenta previa

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Hi I have just been told I have to have a c-section and have been given the date for it today. They also want to admit me for observation 10 days before the operation date. I feel so emotional and scared about this, especially after hearing about the risk of haemorrhaging and possibility of a hysterectomy if it became too bad. Has anyone else been through this, and I am just worrying over nothing, I'm terrified currently.

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Oh bless you sounds like theyare being extra cautious getting u in for monitoring early. ..I was taken in with my daughter because I had excess water and the head wasn't engaged and they said the umbilical cord could gush or with my waters of they went and then the head would engage squashing the umbilical cord causing fetal death, I was so worried but they kept me in for 5 days to keep an eye on me and broke my waters and made sure head was engaged...I ended up having an emergency section in the end but she was fine, they have to tell u the worst case senario so they cover their backs, as daunting as it sounds,and I know it's hard but try not to worry too much speak with ur consultant and ask as many questions as u want. .. When I had my epidural they tell u the things that can go wrong...I asked how many times things had gone wrong for him. . Thankfully not many. . Try ur best not to worry and find out as much as possible about the procedure and success rates as poss and how good the surgeon is how u feel better, so how long have u got left? Xx

Sorry predicted text on my phone arrggghh x

Thank you, I just feel completely powerless, I've asked a fair few questions, but as with most things, mostof them are just occurring to me now I'm home. Still got another appointment the day I'm admitted so can ask then.

I'm bit sure i'd know what to do if the surgeon said they had problems before! Still, they are keeping a close eye, and I would hope given that they will allocate an experienced surgeon...

I've got just two weeks before they admit me now, and don't finish work until next friday, though I'm thinking of changing that if I can.

Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate

it. Cx

No wonder you are scared, this is a big deal for you and baby, and again thus is not in your control.

I would advise you to sit down for half an hour today, and write down all of your worries and questions, then call the hospital and ask to be seen by the consultant again due to your need for answers, I can't see why they wouldn't do this for you, end of the day this is your body and baby and you must be as calm and well informed before you go into hospital.

Thank goodness a c-section is not a rare occurrence and is performed daily, I'm sure you will be well looked after, just keep asking questions.

Good luck, p.s. I would finish work this week, you need some you time xxxx

Thank you, I've managed to bring my finish date forward a few days. I've made my list and will see the consultant next week. I've also asked a friend who's had 3 sections, but for very different reasons to mine. X

I would finish work and try and chill out before the big day. It is probably hard to focus on the positive things but your gonna see your baby in a few weeks, how exciting. Good luck with everything xxx

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Thank you Megzey, I'm finding it really hard to visualise having my baby, but I don't know if that's common with first pregnancies as its all a bit surreal still....but yes, the end result is what matters I just really hope it all goes smoothly. X

Hey, I found out last night that a friend of mine is having a c-section due to placenta praevia + breech. They are not admitting her to hospital that far in advance, but they have told her to take it very easy indeed, due to risk of haemmorage, so it's great that you've managed to finish up at work a bit earlier. I agree with the above comments that it sounds like the hospital is being quite cautious in your case, but better that than the other way around. Also, if you're in hospital you're less likely to over-exert yourself, and even if you do have a haemmorage, it will be much, much better to be in hospital where help is on hand quickly. Try not to worry, and good luck! xx

Hiya I'm also having a c section, I plan to have an elective though as I don't want a natural birth but I'm sure it must be very scary for you to be told this when you weren't planning on it...anyway if you don't mind I'd be very interested to hear your experience as I think you may be further along than me. Best of luck x

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