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Vomiting bug left me feeli g sick all the time !

I had the vomiting bug on Saturday was able to work just feel sick and was sick, anyway it's left me feeling sick for the last 3 days I'm now wondering if its miring sickness never had it with my first child but I'm 3 weeks if u count from period I'm 5 weeks

Every time I eat anythink it returns its horrible has anyone else had this ? Please help my mum saying its a girl and that's why I'm sick but its hard to believe only being very early x

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I felt sick till 12 weeks but was never sick then from 13 weeks to 23 weeks I was sick up to five times a day/night, I'm having a boy :)

Eat regularly, found I had to eat rich tea biscuits before I got out if bed and I had to eat every three hours otherwise I was sick, even just walking to the shops!

Also make sure you are drinking alot if water if you are being sick as you can become dehydrated very easily.



I had bad nausea and sickness with my girls.. But felt fine with my boys. .. so if u have had a boy and u didn't feel like that then good chance u could be having a girl well that's going my experience but everyone and every pregnancy is different x


Thanks I've woke up today had sum breakfast and I'm not feeling sick yet but I'm so tired do t remember feeling like this the first time, keep ya posted on feeling sick but I think it's going to come back

On a good note I'm not putting any weight on x


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