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Getting really annoyed with my gp

So I've got conjunctivitis since last wedensday.i've been prescribed eye improvement yet.i'll checked online and I see they are not safe!!

"Chloramphenicol enters the foetal circulation, and if given to the mother shortly before parturition, may cause the gray baby syndrome, with cyanosis and hypothermia, owing

to the limited glucoronidating capacity of the newborn infant's liver. Chloramphenicol treatment should, therefore, be avoided during the last week before parturition and during breast feeding."

I've booked dr for later on.i just hope they didn't do harm to my baby as I'll go MAD!!!!

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Have u physically seen your G.P again "face to face" i think this could be a case of the Dr not being aware this treatment is not working for you. Sometimes G.p's will give patients a repeat prescription & be done.

At times there is certain medical practitioners who need to be reminded of their job. Does your G.P definetely know you're pregnant ? (i know it sounds like a silly question).

Have you tried any possible NHS walk in centres in your area. At times these centres have qualified doctors or nurses who can also give you a different prescription.

I would urge you to go with your gut feelings on this one. If you think the 1st precribed eye drops you've got may harm the baby Stop using it.


Yeah I stopped using them as soon as I read about gp knows I'm pregnant as he gave me sick note last weeks.and can't hide my 21week bump any more.what annoys me is when you go doctors you need to tell them what they can give you.he didn't know so he just check in the book and its cat .C so shouldn't be taking these drops.But stupid me i trusted him.i've got appointment in 40min so I'll make sure I won't leave without any answers and treatment xx


But parturition means when the process of giving birth....given that you are only 21 weeks then they should be ok? Best to check, but I think the side effect you mention is only if the baby is born with the drug in their system?


I know i had to check it with the dr in case.i'm anxious person and that wouldnt let me sleep.i've seen another dr but that appointment was a joke.she was checking in the book ,then internet what can i the end she borrowed my phone to check on my internet nhs site!she agreed i can take fusidic acid but i'll still check it with hospital 2moro when i go for a scan


You should never take fusidic acid as a single antibiotic - only ever in combination with another as bugs pick up resistance to it really easily... This is medical school stuff!


Totally safe until in labour x


DrFluffy. So you mean i should leave fusidic acid and use other drops cos they are safe until labour?xx


Chloramphenicol generally sorts out most eye issues. If it's not clearing up, it might be worth a trip to your local eye A&E or to A&E minors for a proper Slit Lamp examination of yor eye, to make sure there's no underlying corneal abrasion or ulcer. Do you ave any pain in the affected eye?

To be fair, conjunctivitis doesn't usually need antibiotics, and at this time of year allergic conjunctivitis is fairly common - is not bacterial, ths antibiotics don't work, although GPs will prescribe them - good eye hygiene and some lubricant drops are all that is often required. Antihistamines mght work f it s allergic. Cold compresses are also bliss.


Thank you DrFluffy.good to have you on this site.i had pain in the corner of my eye on the beginning.thats why i thought i had something in there.but when it spread to the other eye and had pain there as well i knew it was infection.i know gp's are not specialised in eye problems so they just give antibiotics .my doc didn't know what sort of infection i have.reading all about both drops i decided to not to use any.just water and cotton wall.i think my eyes getting better as i can see better.they still red but at least were not glued together this morning.thank you for your advices ladies xx


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