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25 weeks and now it seems the time has come when I only fit in my empire-waist dresses.

Trousers and jeans have been packed a few weeks ago already (except an apple green chino, which surprisingly has adapted to my new shape, and oh! i love that color)

I was so lost arranging my wardrobe in the morning today. There were so many of those cute dresses, that I dont want to give up yet. Although I am also little glad that I have not really put on much weight anywhere else. But ofcourse my bump is now clearly showing and loving husband made a remark in shock and awe in the morning (Hey! I can see your tummy even from that shirt - ofcourse honey you can, its all your deeds in there :P )

I am liking wearing my maxi-dresses. Figured out a you-tube video for turning trousers and jeans into maternity wear (might try over the next weekend - IF i learn the trick to fill a bobbin, somehow after my first bobbing, I found it surprisingly difficult to round any other, and all my attempts at it have failed so badly)

I filled up boxes of clothes and wrapped them like presents with a mark on top - Open on Christmas (just a reminder to get back in old size by then - hopefully I am not being too optimistic). Also kept the boxes in my husbands wardrobe, although he was not very happy about it - but if the mommy is happy everyone gets to be happy!

And we have also decided and planned and booked a trip to Santorini at the end of the month - I hope the weather stays ok. I am really excited about it. Would only be taking my maxis along - ah Sun o! sun soak me up ! ( I am keeping my fingers crossed for a good weather)

BTW did any of you checked Kim Kardasshian's pictures - I know she is pregnant, but she is taking maternity fashion to a new low ofcourse !! especially with those frocks ! Horrible !! on the other hand Duchess surely look so modest with her wardrobe (sad she is around a size 8/10 and I am 12/14 - but yet I dont want to be roaming around like Kim Kardashian ever!!)


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Your so lucky I've bought my first maternity jeans already! Other than that haven't got anything else yet, seen some things in next clearance on line. . Just don't want to pay much for clothes that I won't be in long. . Will be getting some dresses though so comfy as u get bigger!


Oh! I am loving wearing maxi dresses - not only looks good and girly its pretty easy to handle too :)

Although I am surely gonna get those bobbins round up and cut off my trousers to replace with elastic bands. I saw a real easy DIY video on youtube !! I need to do something creative (I cant do knitting for sure :P )


U can buy them on Amazon I think extenders. .or something like that x


really ! wow would have a look. Any ideas on where I can buy already round-up bobbins ??


At 24+ weeks I relented yesterday (sick of waiting for spring, fed up of living in leggings) and popped to New Look on my way home from work! Brought a pair of maternity jeans for play and some maternity linen trousers for work. With NHS discount came to just over £30 :-)


Oh! I can totally understand that feeling of being tied down by leggings !! Thankfully, the semester is over and I can work from home. Hubby dear got me a nice boss chair too, what a relief to my back I say! :)


Hi ritz21, you can try amazon for bellybelt - i got one and initially it worked well but not perfect. I found a simple elastic hairband better to be honest (advice of girls from work). This obv won't work forever, but my belly is not massive yet so it works well (22 weeks).

Also, cheap clothes advice - primark has nice jersey midi dresses which although not 'maternity' as such, are very stretchy, and on trend. I got 3 and spent less than £25 :-)


I started wearing maternity clothes at 17 weeks, now i'm 25 weeks and massive, as it will be my 3rd. Bought most of my clothes from Asos, they sell really nice dresses which are really kardasshion, should just forget about trying to look glamorious & just wear clothes which will flatter her new shape & not make her look terrible!.....still havent seen Kates so called bump!!!:-)


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