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itchy rash :( need help!

ok so 2 days ago i noticed a red bumpy rash all over my bump (29 weeks), I had been scratching like mad all day so assumed it was just a pregnancy rash. Yesterday it seemed to get worse so i called my maternity unit but advised that i call the doctor on call as there is an outbreak of chicken pox atm so until im cleared by doc i cant be seen, seen doc late last night and he said it was probably an allergic reaction? however its only on my bump and seems to flare up then settle down and its so itchy :( he couldnt give me anything for it and im going insane :( I have bought savlon cream but not sure if it will help.. any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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Ask for a blood test regarding your liver function, this can cause the rash if the liver has issues.

Meanwhile make sure your washing powder is non bio:)

Maybe try Vasaline its got no chemicals in.

Good luck hope u get it sorted


try some baby powder after shower - atleast it would help ease the itchyness. Buts rash are so personal that a standard cream is probably not very useful. Maybe use your regular moisturizer to sooth it. But i think if you keep it covered with baby powder for a while at least you would not be getting the scratchy feeling and that would give it more time to heal.


thanks ladies :) have my whooping cough vaccine tomorrow so will ask another doctor, I just think its strange how its only on my bump :( i cant bare anything touching me as it drives me mad, have started wearing my partners football tops but everything touches my bump :( ill try anything :) thanks xx


Try and see ur g.p tmw their can prescribe creams and stuff to use instead of soaps or bubble bathsx


I will thanks.. as long as the baby is ok i can handle it but im sure it cant be good for either of us :( xx


My friend told me u shouldn't itch ur tummy as it can make stretch marks worse. ..Don't know if it is true but I got very thin stretch marks I itched my stomach so bad and done it my sleep.. I'd wake up with bloody scratch marks.just make sure ur moisturised well x


I'm not nearly as far gone as you but suffered with a rash recently, same thing, heat and clothing made it worse...woke up itching like mad and one night ran to kitchen for a tea towel, ran under cold tap and stood there with it against my skin shivering!! I had to have cooler showers, no baths, moisture like made 4-5 times a day and wear loose cotton clothing to keep heat down, this worked. I put mind down to stretching and a heat rash poss made worse by my works uniform getting tighter and bathing in the bath with soaps for too long.

I think the liver complaint can arise in the 3rd trimester and you may get rash on hands n feet too so something to keep eye on but your doc not midwife appeared to be concerned from all accounts.

I hope the rash passes soon as I completely sympathise! X


Hi, I am 38 wks and 2 wks ago I had a rash started on my belly right where my stretch marks are- like a heat rash? (very very itchy) midwife said I was poss allergic to a the cream I was using, so said to stop using it so this is what i did. I even see my consultant the same day - he agreed. But this rash then started on my arms shoulders, back, legs and the worst my ankles! What a nightmare! So I phoned the midwife helpline number said to me take antihistamine tablets and calamine lotion on rash, this should help. Only a bit!! So I had to go to the docs they diagnosed eczema? They gave me some cream to put on, this did help a bit but said if it doesn't come back. I decided to go back anyway and see another dr and he said definitely eczema and gave me a steroid cream to use and some more antihistamines - this cream really really helped, it's nearly all cleared up now! Just my ankles itch when they get warm. Forgot to mention they did a blood test for liver function and this was clear!

Hope this helps you - good luck see ur doctor ask about eczema x


I am 38 weeks today and have had itching which slowly developed into a rash and worse itching over the course of the last month. I've had my LFTs&bile acids come-on which you should too to rule out Obstetric Cholestasis, I think what I have is PUPPP, have you heard of it? It's worth a Google. Mine is driving me mad. I hate to be negative but it's really only getting worse over time! Waking me up loads at night. Am holding on to the fact that it will stop soon after the baby is born.

The Dr prescribed me hydrocortisone cream, which doesn't really help much and diprobase moisturiser, which is too thick and actually makes me itchier. The only things I find helpful are cool baths/showers (although it's not pleasant in the current climate!) And aqueous cream with menthol in, which you can buy on Amazon. It cools it down temporarily. I also bought Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap on Amazon. It has all these great reviews for PUPPP although I personally gave up using it a while ago-it does smell weird, like bonfires! Might try it again though, am getting desperate!

Other things you might want to try are Aloe Vera gel, kept in the fridge and bicarbonate of soda in a cool bath.

The Dr told me pregnancy rashes are fairly common unfortunately :-( a horrid side effect I hadn't realised existed! It's all your hormones going a bit mad,they are highest in the third trimester. Also, keep an eye that you're not anaemic as apparently this can also make you itchy.

Sorry for blethering, I hope any of this is helpful!


Double base think it's called that is a good one is more like a gel/cream a lot lighter x


Thanks for all the advice :) oh no, sounds like everyones experienced something similar :( its so hard to tell what it could be.. I havent changed anything and was wearing my uniform when it started, (getting tighter by the day) which iv been washing with the same non bio washing powder for as long as I can remember. Not sure about the allergic reaction :( but im seeing the doctor today for my whooping cough vaccine so will ask again :)

Oh no eczema.. would you believe i have suffered with Psoriasis for over 7 years and the week i found out i was pregnant it all cleared up.. have dry skin still on my elbows but everywhere else is clear :) hopefully it will stay away once baby is born :)

I have heard of PUPPs and googled it and the images are scary :( iv heard its awful so sorry to hear you have it.. just another pregnancy complaint :( it seems to flare up when im warm or stressed.. then other times its not itchy or red.. just bumps! confused :( xxx


To be honest i'm not sure if mine is PUPP or hives or what, because same as yourself I have not got a rash everywhere, some places it's little bumps, some places it is itchy but there is nothing there. It is a mystery! The images when you Google are scary, where I have a rash it is no where as bad as those so I am lucky I suppose....but it is still so itchy! Totally broke down in tears earlier as I just can't take it anymore. I have pulled myself together now :)

Today's newest "cure" is using the cool bag insert, which I forgot I had in the freezer and lying on it with a dish towel over it. It is quite soothing! My husband is away to Tesco to buy some more :)

I also use non bio washing powder, it hasn't helped.

Let me know how you get on at the Dr's/ if you come up with anymore remedies!


Have u tried antihistamines?


aw poor you :( I know how you feel.. its an inside itch so no matter how hard or where you scratch it never eases :( awful.. probably one of the worst pregnancy symptoms.

Asked the doctor and she wasnt convinced it was an allergy, she explained that sometimes minor liver problems, and bile problems can occur during pregnancy which should not be ignored so any pregnant woman with a rash can be tested. So she took blood and advised lots of moisturiser! The nurse also said about bathing in bicarbonate soda to relieve the itch. anything is worth a try :) Im just back from standing on my door step with my bump out to let the cold fresh wind help.. it works :) would prefer to stay clear of steroid creams and things but she said if it gets any worse for me to come back and she will prescribe me something.

At least we don't have long to go now.. :) :) xx


I suppose thankfully the weather isn't hot like it was at this time last year or it would be even more awful! I have also been standing uncovered in the cold because it really helps :) probably looks a wee bit mental but I am past caring!

Yes, not long to go now, best of luck! xx


Hey I don't know how you are doing with your itching and if you think it is PUPPP/PEP or something else, but I thought I wold share some interesting pages with you- am starting to think I have a very mild case of PUPPP/PEP and it is getting worse, so i have been researching-





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