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It may sound absurd bt pls help out

Since last month i discovered my ovulation sets in a day or two earlier n its usually brown...nw am confused is it meant to brownish in colour or transparent? Wheneva i hv intercourse wit my hubby i notice wen i clean up its usually brown too tho nt always,tho am nt sure if am preg or nt n hv gone for blood test still waitin for result tho,i also noticed wen i finished hvin sex my lower abdomen get harder than usual...pls can anyone help as i dnt know wat is causin it n if am preg dis is goin to be my first....tanx in advance.

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The only way you are going to know is if you do a pregnancy test. If it says negative then wait for your blood test results and see if the hcg levels are higher than 35. I did a pregnancy test and it said negative so thought I wasn't pregnant but I never came on my period so went to the docs and they did a blood test a month after the pregnancy test and my hormone levels were 2000 then they did a blood test a week later and they had shot up to 20,000 then I had a scan that reveiled I was 6wks 6days pregnant. The doc said I must have caught the day before I did the test (which was valentines day ;-/)


I'd get a pregnancy test with two tests, use one and if its negative try again in a couple of days, although usually its best to wait till when you think you would have a period. If you are looking to start a family, it is worth while going to the doctor for a general 'plumbing check' just to make sure all is well, good luck.


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