How can i help stop Constipation in my 9 day old baby??

Has anyone put there had to deal with constipation in their newborn?? My baby Sophia hasn't had a poo in the past 3 days and has become really agitated and you can see that she is trying to push something out i.e. she is straining and her face is turning bright red!

We have tried massaging her belly, introducing water inbetween feeds, moving her legs around in a cycling motion and the other half read up that trying to stimulate baby's anus with a cotton bud with Vaseline on it (he did this last night and he hated it and felt really bad although she didn't seem to care).

She still hasn't had a poo and I want to see if there is anything else we can try before going to an emergency out of hours doctor! I can't watch her struggling anymore as its heart breaking! Any help would be great!

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  • Those are all good remedies for baby constipation except the foreign implement up the backside--although that one may be effective, you run the risk of accidental injury to baby's rectum, so leave that sort of thing to the professionals. If I were you I'd go ahead and call the out of hours GP. At only 9 days old little'un is very young and very vulnerable, and you haven't had time to get to know what's normal for her and what's not, so it's difficult to tell the difference between a small problem and a big one. They should be able to talk to you on the phone and save you the trip in if all they're going to recommend is more water and waiting it out. Also, if your baby is formula fed, double check that you're making up the feeds correctly. You need to be ever so meticulous about measuring the water out and levelling off your scoops, as if your power-to-water ratio is too high, the formula can be constipating. (Though many babies, like mine, just get constipated anyway.)

  • Thanks for your response-have been Iain the already made formula in the cartons so haven't had to measure out powder etc for the feed! Yeah I think I'll call nhs111 number and see what they say! That seems to be the only way to get an out of hours doctor in my area!

  • Formula can make them constipated..

    But they can go a few days without having a poo so pa don't worry too much. . What formula are u feeding him on? From memory sma can be quite riich I used cow and Gate and aptimil but sometimes I've noticed that the ready made stuff is a lot creamier, u should still be under ur midwife can u not give them a call? Falling that yeah 111 is the one always best get them checked if ur concerned hope u get it sorted xx

  • Am using cow and gate and to be honest I haven't had any contact from my midwife since the birth and have seen 2 different ones in the past 9 days! Think ill just call 111! X

  • That's bad! Ah hope little one is Ok sometimes a nice warm Bath can help ohh I remember with my daughter warm water quite warm soak some cotton wool to and hold on her anus to stimulate anus... That worked with my daughter she always suffered with constipation bless her. ..Let us know how u get on xx

  • Ahhrrh! I'm sure she'll be fine, i also had a simular problem with my son "a couple of mths after he was born in 2008" 1st i tried mixing pure / fresh orange juice with water and give that to her gratually "in a feeding bottle. (buy a few oranges from your local supermarket store & cut at least one in half & squeeze it) If that fails lay her on her back & exercise her legs very softly into her stomach. ( This can usually get her bowel muscles moving again)

    The things our children like to put us through is unfair but its better than having to insert a pessary "prescribed by G.P's " into her bum.

    It worked for me (& it was such a relief both for the baby & me

  • My little one had constipation and he was on formula. Have you tried cooled boiled water only a few ounces. I put a splash of pure orange in my little lads but he was abit older than 9 days when he had it. Hope you get the results that you want it must be so frustrating for the you.

  • Have gone to the hospital with her! Doctor has given her some lactalose! My baby was born 10lb 10oz so the doctor said because if her weight it would be okay to give her this medicine! Now we are just waiting and seeing what happens next! X

  • WOW! She's a big girl then. Im happy the doctor has acknowledged it anyway

    Well Done.


  • Wow it can work very quickly my daughter had it but she was a year old, ah hope it's sorted soon xx

  • Update: I went out to tesco and came back to my hubby having had to change her 5 times since I left (30 mins). So thankful it has worked so quickly-it's like we have our little tubby monster all happy again! Yay!!! X

  • Good im so glad. i'll remember the name of that dosage the doctor gave to your daughter "just in case i need it for this one to be born in October"

  • Thanks for the update, I love a happy ending :) They get so stressed out when they can't go!

  • Lactalose is great or water with brown sugar :)

    Also put Vaseline around the rectum as she will be sore, just helps the poo slide out easier :)

  • thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You've probably had this advice already but if you're breast feeding she won't poo as much as formula fed babies but as she's struggling I would go to see your doctor. I tried watered orange juice. She may be too young for a laxative but your doc can prescribe one if they think it's needed.

    Good luck to you all.

  • thanks for sharing

  • OMG is baby constipation very common these days?? I also had the same prob where my LO having hard stools very frequently and nth seems to work well to help me in this matter.. Anyone has a good and effective recommendation on formula which can help in preventing baby constipation???

  • ApaGuna, actually no need to worry so much because this is the common issues among children. I would suggest you to bring you kid to have a walk or exercise as movements able to stimulate digestion or eat more fruits especially papaya because it is contains full of fibre and good for digestive system.

  • Better not to try those unproven remedy. Because my DS went into the hospital after i gave him to have a try. Will be better to seek for doctor advise.

  • actually there's alot constipation baby formula out there which i think its good also.. there milk formula which i been using, Mamil is pretty effective with its constipation prevention ingredient..i think its prebiotic.. u can see it in the current advertisement in the tv these days.. less heaty also

  • Hi ApaGuna, I truly understand your current issues now and last time my son also used to face constipation. For me, I had switched to Mamil, it is really works for my son and can see the difference within 7 days. The ingredients in Mamil are able to prevent constipation. Besides, Mamil contains the highest level of DHA and doesn't contain sucrose, therefore it is really good for every children. By the way, you can have a try.

  • My DD last time also faced such prob one lehh but thank goodness one of my sister's friend recommended me Mamil where it really help me alot... reduce alot headache and worries.. Mamil indeed can help prevent constipation and since then my DD no more bad stools and stuffs dy, say byebye to constipation

  • Need to purposely use milk formula as constipation remedy anot wor... i use prunes and it work so well for my LO, no constipation at all la.. somemore i see Mamil price quite expensive also lehhh not sure about other brands la..

  • great article~~~

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