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Zumba during pregnancy?


I usually go to Zumba once a week but have been very reluctant to since I've found out I'm pregnant. I'm 8weeks at the mo and don't know what to do for the best!

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I'd say no as I remember something about in those early weeks it's dangerous for you to be too warm. I have only been to Zumba a few times in the past (well before I was preggars), but came out looking like a lobster who'd fallen in the pool instead, it really was hard work!

I think generally too the advice is only to exercise to the point where you can still carry on a conversation (again, NOT possible in Zumba for me!) Swimming, pilates and yoga all seem to be what's recommended. Good for pregnancy, and practicing yoga breathing and being toned from pilates will be helpful during labour.

Check out the NHS advice:



I understand you want to keep fit and keep your body at shape, But you'd be a very brave woman to want to do zumba in the 1st trimester of pregnancy REALLY!

Are there any other options in your local area which can also be a form of exercise such as Yoga or use of exercise bikes.


The doctor had said if my body was used to it he wouldn't advise me against it, but I think it's a bit of a risk. I have just been walking my dog more as I don't want to stop everything, even tho it wud b so easy too!! I must look into Pilates,have never tried if

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yup if your body is used to it, its fine. But if you feel more exhausted than usual that would simply mean that your baby is also getting less of your energy to develop. And that increased the chances of things going wrong especially in the first trimester.

If you're used to doing exercise then it should be safe to carry on. It sounds like you were a regular so it you should be OK. The main thing is not doing contact sports or those where there is a risk of falling. The fitter you can stay during pregnancy the better. I'm 6 weeks and still playing squash, my doctor said it was fine as long as I don't bash into walls or my squash partner, or hit each other with squash rackets. Luckily our games don't involve those things. My friends carried on going to the gym and going running well into their pregnancies. You could alays try a session and if you find it too much, then you could try something else.

I have been doing Zumba for about 2 years. I wanted to continue with it when I found out I was pregnant. My midwife said it was fine as my body was used to it and I also checked with the instructor who also said it was fine but to take the impact down as my pregnancy progressed. I went a few times and also carried on with my running which was also approved by my midwife as again my body was used to it. I did find I felt more tired and had to go at a slower pace than normal. Exercise is good for you and as long as your not going crazy or starting new things then it's fine. May23 is right about your core temparature so don't allow yourself to overheat and make sure you stay well hydrated. Unfortunately for me my nausea and vomiting didn't allow me to continue and now that it's settled it's definitely not right for me to start exercising again. I'm 27 weeks now and although sickness stopped about 3 weeks ago the nausea is only now abating. I can understand why people Are concerned about exercising in pregnancy but keeping your body strong is better than losing your fitness and strength (which you need in labour and birth) and piling on the weight. Zumba is great and as long as you listen to your body you aren't doing anything wrong. Ultimately do what is right for you with the guidance of your healthcare team x

I'm now 26 weeks and continued zumba til I was 18 weeks. I had been doing it for 2 years 3 times a week. My midwife and consultant both said it was fine to continue as it was something I was used to doing. I did find I had to sit out a couple of songs.

I've stopped now but only due to advice due to other things but otherwise I would've still been going!

Personally I wouldn't do anything that's going to cause a risk of a miscarriage no matter what a doctor says or how use to the activity my body was, anything could still go wrong and any point no matter how good you are at it. And twisting and turning your upper body is a big risk of miscarriage in the 1st trimester

It's so interesting reading what everyone has been saying. When I found out I told my Zumba instructor and she told me they don't allow pregnant women to take part. I could return after my 6 week check once baby is born. I was gutted as went to Zumba twice a week and was quite fit. I haven't been able to exercise properly during my pregnancy because of different problems throughout and now that I'm 34 weeks and feeling better I physically can't do it with thus huge bump in the way!!!!

My fitness has vanished and feel so gross but just keep thinking that once I get the pregnancy out the way ill enjoy taking my wee one out for lovely long walks and eventually get back to my Zumba!

Has anyone else had to give up exercise?

Hmmm my friend is a dance instructor and she carried on teaching zumba until 38 weeks. The only thing she stopped was twisting. She lets other pregnant women join in as long as they have the common sense to go at their own pace and not get overheated. x

Hi I'm only 5 weeks and it's my first baby but i had the same question and i asked my mother earlier today. I have been going to the gym and doing light exercise with a trainer helping me. I have also been going swimming and doing breast stroke. I have been told if you didn't do that level of fitness before then you shouldn't put your body under too much stress because it can be damaging for the baby especially in the 1st trimester.

However when i went on the NHS website nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy... it told me that you can do exercise during pregnancy. I was even told by a doctor that i can carry on running till about 6months! But I was already running. I mean i completed the Tough Mudder pregnant and I didn't know haha!

I think pregnancy is down to you as the individual. Exercise for me is a personal thing and i know that when i go running i put my body under quite a lot of stress so i wont be going running but i will be going swimming till i think i shouldn't. So it's really up to you. Also consult your midwife and doctor they will be able to fill you in as well. I really hope it all goes well for you xxx Good luck xxx

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