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Well after a few extremely stressful weeks, (my auntie dying suddenly, my dad being ill and signed off work with anxiety and stress) i had my scan today my partner is in the army and this was the first appointment he has been able to attend as i have had 2 early scans as well plus been unwell an had a few doctors appointments, cant begin to describe the relief of seeing little bean on screen and definitely like daddy being a tinker as bean looked like they were sat up had to empty my bladder and try again for some measurements little fist was clenched as if they were doing a little fist pump saw heart beat as well, cant wait till 24th may now to see whether we have a pinky or a bluey, so confirmed 13 weeks 4 days which is about right to my calculations and due 6th October :)

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ahh congrats on ur bubba, I am due a month before u! I hope the coming weeks are less stressful and u can begin to enjoy ur pregnancy, bet it was nice that ur partner could come too. It is a lovely feeling, I had my scan on 25th feb and am seeing midwife on tues so hopefully will be able to hear heartbeat, time has gone so slow till this day so am excited too. my gender scan is on 22nd april so am really excited about that too, hope u can relax a bit more and glad things are ok, take care :)

Aaaah! congrats you may have felt like lots of things were just crumbling down around you but knowing your child is ok.

it seems you are also due the same month as me " its proven January is the coldest & most likley month to convieve a baby LOL!"

Congrats Hun, so pleased for you, bet you feel so much better now :)

Ah congratulations bet you are so pleased and especially having your partner home for the scan as well. Sounds like you have had it tough the last few weeks. I know it is easy for us to say but take it easy. Are you going to find out what sex your baby is?? I am really undecided about what to do.

congrats!!! its like a weight lifted off your mind when you have your dating scan. i didnt want to go to mine as i had been so poorly. and it took an hour to get any measurements for me. but the baby was doing roly polys, waving and kicking its legs. and i was amazed as i wasnt looking forward to it one bit (didnt want to leave the ward i was on). but now i have my net scan 17th april. im due september 1st but will be induced between 35-37weeks. still seems like ages away though :( xx

Thank you for all your lovely comments, there were so many pros to my scan, Pete being there and seeing the smile on his face was one, i cannot believe how much i love my little bean so much already. And although bean was being naughty made me laugh that they were being so stubborn and wouldn't lie straight and its little fist pump is really clear on the scan Pete had tears in his eyes :)

24th May needs to hurry up so we can find out Pete is doing everything he can to be home again, definitely finding out i wasn't sure i wanted to know but he cant wait and i need to narrow names down as all i do is sit thinking of names for both sexes

Either way i will be happy as long as our little bean is healthy and happy :)

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