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Has anyone had the whooping cough vaccination? 29 weeks and been adv by midwife to have it but as with all things in pregnancy im worried


I was the same with the flu jab debating back and forth to have it or not as i scared myself by researching it online but so glad i had it. Just wondered if anyone had had it and suffered any side effects or am i worrying over nothing again. Thanks ladies

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I must admit it does worry me but my friend has had it and she was fine so that's reassuring, I was the same when they started giving vitamin k to new born babies I hated giving them something I didn't know about but 16 years on and its routine x

Hi there, I had it nearly 3 weeks ago now at 32 weeks, and I have been fine.

I was really worried as I'd googled it (be warned...don't!) and I read some real horror stories, but after talking it through with my midwife it seemed the sensible option, as the alternative of baby possibly contracting it after birth and the horrendous effects it has with such weak little immune systems just seemed far too big a risk to take.

I was reassured that it is now considered totally safe in pregnancy, even though the printed literature that comes with the injection says it's not, this is apparently out of date, and it is the same injection given to babies at 6months.

All of my NCT class had it and two of my close friends also had it, and all have been fine.

As with anything with pregnancy, it is personal choice.


chelseabun in reply to Clairew7

Thank you, feel reassured that ive made the right decision, my husband has banned me from googling symptons and concerns for the rest of the pregnancy. Good luck with remainder of pregnancy, Rachel x

Agree it is personal choice. You are lucky your midwife mentioned it. Mine didn't mention it at any point (not the flu jab) and as a consequence I'm very very very late taking it and will be having it tomorrow when I'm 38 weeks pregnant, so if she comes early my gorgeous Squiggly might not have received the antibodies she needs to be protected, I hear that it's possible she could receive those antibodies via my milk but it isn't ideal. I had made a wrong assumption that the midwife would have firstly mentioned it to me even if just to discuss it and give me all the details or administered the injection during an appointment. All the mums I know who have had babies recently have had the vaccine, all have gorgeous cute as pie little ones all healthy and well. Good luck with your decision. x

Thank you for the reassurance, i feel better about having it now, not very good that the midwife didnt mention it to you but Not long now till you have that lovely little squiggly in your arms and all this worry will be worthwhile x

I had my vaccination today. Squiggly leaping about as normal. :) Arm is sore but always is after any jabs. I'm glad to have had it but certainly somewhat annoyed that my midwife didn't discuss it with me. It would have been really useful to have spoken to her as I know I would have had it earlier. Thank goodness I asked the receptionist what I was supposed to do. The only concern I have now is whether the antibodies I need to reach Squiggly will do so before she's born. I can't wait to meet my little wriggly Squiggly. :)

im also 29 weeks and after a lot of consideration and worry iv decided to have it and am booked in next week.. Good luck xx

my midwife was telling me about it yday at my first visit, and pretty much said definately get the whooping cough vacc, and go home and think about the flu one. A girl i work with had the whooping cough one and thankfully her baby was totally healthy

I'll be having it!

I had it, and the flu jab, no questions asked. I didn't google anything either (have tried to stop that after freaking myself out for most of the second trimester)! Call it blind faith if you will, but I'm fairly sure they wouldn't advise it if there were huge risks, too much blame culture these days...

Just be prepared for an achy arm for a while afterwards, that was the only thing I noticed.

I had it and I'm now 37 +3. No problems!

I agree with May23, I dont believe that midwifes and doctors would go out of their way to offer you things that will do more harm than good, so as soon as my midwife suggested it i booked in to see the nurse. I had it Tuesday at 31+5 and I'm fine (Mr squiggles is still kicking my rib cage so he's fine too!) It does give you a really achy arm for a little while though, I haven't been able to sleep on that side for a few nights.

Take care x

Thank you, feel so much better about having it now, and love the name Mr squiggles! Good luck with remainder of pregnancy not long to go now hooray x

hi i I had it, i decided not to have a flu jab wasnt sure .

I have read so mamy articles and posts and this is safe for you and the baby, and baby can be really ill if she or he will get that .

I had the flu jab in my first trimester (I have it every year, although usually to help protect my patients rather than for reasons of Flump-age!). Absolutely no problems!

Hi! I tried to have the vaccination yesterday (at 30 weeks exactly) but the hospital had run out of it! So I might go back today if I can. I have read a lot of stuff about it online and am thoroughly convinced that having the vaccination is better than the alternative: the risk of your baby contracting a very serious illness in those vulnerable weeks shortly after birth. The vaccine does not guarantee prevention, but it is the best chance you have. I also had the flu jab last November (I think it was) and had no issues at all. I didn't think too hard about the flu jab to be honest - just accepted my midwife's advice. Good luck! xx

I had the whooping cough jab a couple of weeks ago at 28 weeks and no problems so far. A couple of pregnant friends have also had it, including one who's a GP herself

In the end it's personal choice and I decided that the potential serious side-effects of whooping cough in tiny babies made it a no-brainer for me personally.

I don't remember having this with my first (now 3) - is it a new thing or have I just forgotten? I'm just wondering if I will need to prompt my midwife or whether it will be offered - does it have to happen after a certain number of weeks?

I have had the flu jab tho, my midwife recommended it because apparently something like 20% (I think) of babies who miscarry have been found to have the flu virus. My friend is also a midwife so I checked with her and she said she would definitely recommend it. Theres so many hard decisions to make though - I was last pregnant around the whole swine flu issues and chose not to have the swine flu jab as I couldn't understand how they knew it was safe when it was so new, despite my midwife recommending it!

Hi York mummy, yes it's a new thing, in response to the upsurge in cases in 2012. Friends of mine who gave birth last summer weren't offered it. It can happen between 28 and 38 weeks, but the best time is between 28 and 32 weeks apparently: nhs.uk/conditions/Whooping-...

If you are over 28 weeks you should mention it to your midwife, otherwise I'm sure she will bring it up xx

I had it. No problems other than a very achey arm for a couple days but its worth it. Dont google!! Anyone can write anything on the internet. Its not checked to see if its factual or true!! just stick to nsh website or leaflets in doctors surgeries. Good luck.

Im type 1 diabetic so had it same time as flu jab.once i knew how many babies had died from whooping cough for me it was a no brainer. My arm felt a little sore and muscle ached but nothing major x

I had both flu and whooping cough jabs and we are both 100% fine. I personally know a lady who's child sadly did get whooping cough and didn't make it so to me not having it never even entered my mind. It's always worth talking to your other half and midwife to weigh up the pros and cons. Hope this helps x

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