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18 weeks 6 days. How much movement is expected?

Went to see my midwife at 18 weeks. Everything has been fine so far, listened to their little heartbeat (amazing) on the doppler and felt a few rolls and flutters here and there but nothing really that noticeable. She didnt seem tooworried so im sure I shouldnt be. I just wondered if anyone could tell me how much the movement progresses over the 18-24 week point. Thanks x

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Hi there,

I'm pregnant with my first, so really had no idea what was normal. I have had really variable movements and I started feeling proper kicks probably from around 19 weeks, quite strong at times. Some days he would be really active (drinking coca cola seemed to wake him up!) but then between 20 and 25 weeks it was very hit and miss, with some days not noticing much at all, other days just the odd flutter and then some days really active.

I was told everything, lie still on my left side, drink ice water, it's when you're still you'll notice more.....but none of them worked for me. I must have used half a tray of ice cubes in a glass of water and then ate the ice too in an effort to feel something, but still only got really feint flutters.

The midwife seemed surprised I'd been feeling strong movements prior to 20 weeks as she said they'd only normally expect that around 25 weeks, but I definitely had some earlier than that.

I am now 35 weeks and still get days (like today) where I don't feel hardly anything at all apart from the odd push or roll, and can go a good 4 hours between feeling anything. I still don't have a noticeable pattern to movements and all has been recorded as being well with baby and I've had a few extra scans for other reasons, so I don't think there's any hard and fast rules.

Good luck with everything, and if you are worried ask to see the midwife, they are very good and reassuring and will listen to the heartbeat to reassure.



That's really helpful, thank-you. It's my first too and all of the literature on NHS websites, Emmas Diary etc tell you that you'll be feeling all this movement between 18 and 20 weeks and, well, i'm not. I know their fine in there because I only listened to their heartbeat a week ago, and I do feel the odd roll around but I was just expecting ... more?

It's hard isnt it when you dont know what to expect.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy too and thanks again. x


I'm 28 weeks and for me strong movements began from week 20, I also ave a anterior placenta which means his movements can be cushioned.

From week 25 a sleep wake pattern for baby should be more obvious)


Hi! I just checked my diary and I was also 20 weeks when I felt my first definite movement. After that, they became more frequent and stronger quite quickly. By 23-24 weeks, they were very strong indeed, and are just as strong now at 30 weeks. So, I would have thought that if you are feeling movement now, at 18+ weeks, that is on the early side. You don't need to monitor movement until week 28, they say. Good luck! xx


at 16 and half weeks i could feel bubbles and flutters. and get them now and again. dont think its wind. im 18 weeks now. and it seems to have slowed down a bit. i get the odd pooping feeling as if im being kicked in the belly mind and only in the nights. but maybe as time goes on it will get stronger again. x


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